Went for a jog before dinner to clear my head of thoughts and also to rid myself of all the calories I've consumed for the past few days.

Managed to run 3km yay! Keep up the good work, me!

It's been a long while since my last good run.

Am in a clear frame of mind now to concentrate on work! Need to finish so many things before we fly off this week. 😭

Sent my baby girl to the vet today for her review!

She was having really bad skin problems previously.. Flaky skin and no fur on her legs because she would lick and bite due to the itchiness.

Problem was solved when a new vet we visited a few months back prescribed anti histamine for her condition!

Can't wait for her fur to grow out fully. Hehe.

Scared little face.

She detests going to the vet's and would always whine and cry on her way there. 😢

And then she would keep yawning. Hahaha.

Face full of love. 😍

I told her "Xiaobai today I paid for your vet bills, can you be guai and take a photo with me?"

Guess she doesn't care. Hahaha.

Still looked away from the camera. 😪

Found this super run down place along Thomson when we were otw to brunch!

Makes a perfect place for ootds but being there gave me the creeps. Haha I know it's broad daylight… But it was so empty and looks so old. 😨

Antigona Pullover upcoming this weekend!

So happy that it rained today! Else I would definitely be roasted in this outfit.

The pullover is actually made of a comfortable and rather cooling cotton material so it's not THAT bad…

But I'm someone who perspires very easily. Haha. Like, walk few steps outdoors start perspiring already. Super high metabolism. 😪

So tempted to keep another colour for this top!! Cos I foresee that it will be a staple piece when I fly for work trips. The perfect airport outfit.

Can we keep navy too please @jongsy!! 😬

And yes shorts upcoming!!

Brunched at Habitat Coffee today because I wanted to go back for their Ocean Linguine!

Brunch partner! 👧👧

Tried ordering their churros several times but it was always sold out!!

Finally managed to try them today! 🎉

Fell short of expectations but.. Ok la not too bad.

Can't do without.

Iced mocha!

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