I had a good and fulfilling week!

Headed out for a few brunches, did some planning for the new website, and just got back from Sep's work trip.


It was Jess's school holiday so we brought her out for brunch! Wanted to go to Sunday Folks…. But they were closed when we went! Opens only from 4PM onwards. πŸ˜”

Love having my silly sisters doing silly things wimme!

Grocery shopping. πŸ˜‚

Only Jo and Jess could fit into the trolley….. Cos they short. HAHAHA.

Maven Tee Dress.

I love the watercolour prints!!

And am aware that this dress might be a little too short for girls who are any taller than me… So here's an idea, wear it as a top tucked into skirts! Or wear a pair of black safety shorts underneath. πŸ˜‰

Anyway… We had brunch at Baker and Cook instead. Since they were just next to Sunday Folks.

Whyyyyy Sunday Folks?? Why do you only open after 4PM on weekdays! 😦

Food was okay only…. Really average.

Ok maybe below average for their eggs benedict. The bread that came with it was tough, chewy and impossible to eat without dislocating your jaw. Hahaha.

We were sorely disappointed because we could have been eating waffles with soft serve ice cream instead. Hahaha.

Mr Gingy!

Was a good day out with the sisters!!


Love hanging out with them.

This week, I also tried this detox water thing that Jess made for me!

Have no idea whether this really works, but the fruits do make the water taste quite good!

I would lessen the amount of lemon slices in future though, makes the water slightly bitter.

My personal favourite this collection – Petal Flare Shorts.

Really love the colours we picked for this shorts!

Had a business-sort-of brunch with Jazreel at Quarter to Three!

Ordered meatballs and they were great! Possibly helps that I was not expecting much. Haha.

Can't wait to share about what we have planned for TTR x Sensibar!!


Ordered their rainbow cake which cost $9.80……

I still prefer NOM's.

This was just pretty average. Moist but quite tasteless.

TQ Jaz for the ootd shots! Hehe. 😘

Never knew that flare on flare could work out! But this turned out pretty good – Holly Double Tiered Top with Fame Game Palazzo Pants.

I tucked the bottom layer in to create a different look. I guess you could wear it 2 ways too, to maximise the top! πŸ˜‰

Wore this on Friday but forgot to post it up.

I love digging through my wardrobe for old favourites like this Heartbreaker Midi Skirt in Gingham… Goes quite well with my Basic Bardot Top right! ☺

And I guess that's all for my ootds this week!

Haven't been as diligent on Dayre these few weeks but that's because I've been busy! With the new website.

Really hoping to improve your shopping experience on TTR so please bear with my laggy updates here.. I promise to share first hand updates on the website here when I can! 😚

And now it's time for some bunny updates!

Bunny nomming on some wheatgrass! 🌱

She loves parsley more though…. Hahaha i don't get it because parsley smells bad to me. But whatever.. As long as she likes it! Haha.

Her hands look so short in this photo, it's almost comical. πŸ˜‚

Caught XBD looking funny on camera!

He was taking off for a binky so the photo turned out blur! But so cute so I need to share!

Ear rubs.

Head rubs!

And here's my little puff looking cute after their monthly grooming session!

They smell really good after being powdered too. ☺

Bought a new fragrance at DFS when we got back from our trip earlier this week.

Somebunny approves. πŸ˜‚

Hokayyy that's enough random rubbish from me! I'm off to get my dinner now that I'm done prepping for the launch.

See you at 8PM!! πŸ‘‹

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