If there is one thing I cannot stand…

It's bad service.

I'm usually pretty tolerant when it comes to service because I understand that it is not easy to be the one serving customers. I am usually also rather reasonable and can accept service which are not up to standard.

But the service which I experienced at Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate today was just beyond BAD.

It was atrocious. If not for the fact that I was planning to buy their cakes for someone else, I would have walked off within the first 5 minutes of waiting.

Other than the loud "welcome to Nine Thirty!" and asking if we were dining in or taking away, we were left alone at the counter along with 4-5 other customers, with no indication as to when they were going to take our orders.

They have about 5 staff at the counter. Out of 5, 2 were handling the orders. And they kept messing up. Couldn't remember what the customers ordered and had this perpetual lost look on their faces.

We asked them twice if we could order, and they replied with "give us a minute".

Guess what? We waited for 10 minutes before someone was finally free to serve us.

I don't know what the other 3 staff were doing. They were just walking around and talking amongst themselves.

Was already feeling peeved by the time they got around to taking our orders.

They ended up packing our orders wrongly too, no surprises there.

HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS WAIT SO LONG FOR TAKEAWAY ORDERS AND END UP DOING IT WRONGLY, STILL? I don't get it. There must be something really wrong with their staff training.

Visited their FB page and out of so many reviews, they got mostly 1-star reviews.

It's such a pity that a place with nice ambience and good food has such shitty service.

I really love you, white chocolate coconut silk pie….

But I don't think I will return anytime soon because the service is really absurd.


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