My sunshine OOTD this week.


Just the kind of outfit I cannot resist twirling in.

I really really wanted a skirt that has a super wide hem. So we got it manufactured based on my crappy drawing and not-so-detailed description to the supplier. 😂 Turned out exactly how I wanted it, yay!

We kept this in Berry and White too, yay!


Random photo of my new favourite random ring.

On Wednesday, @jongsy and I headed to Anthesis for brunch before running errands.

Been wanting to visit ever since I saw this place on IG. Hehe. Glad we finally got our asses down to this cafe!!

Would totally head back again for the food. BUT. The parking was a nightmare.

Most of the places around there were residential buildings which do not offer parking for the public. We went a few rounds before finding a place to park. Expensive, too.

Such pretty interior.


So warm and cosy~~

I really like this place!

We really enjoyed ourselves because it's super quiet there on a weekday noon.

We were like, the only customers. Hahaha.

Took a random shot of @jongsy using her phone and I really love how the colours of this top pop in this picture. 😁

Ordered their signature The Pegasus Breakfast and truffle fries to share.

Had my usual mocha too, albeit not iced.

The breakfast platter was good, but I didn't like the bacon. Haha. Not crispy enough.

Truffle fries were well seasoned BUT I would have liked it more if they used shoestring fries.

Shoestring fries > fat fries for me anytime, always.

Pretty latte art!




This was really filling, though. Would recommend to share if you want to try this, unless your appetite damn big.

Yay to a new IG display picture! Hehehe.

The last of my LOVE bangle.

Totally broke it when I tried to remove it. Hahaha.

Paired an upcoming knit top with this pair of shorts which I super love!!

Love the prints and the cut and the material! Both Drea and DX kept at least a piece each too. Hehe.

Since I'm here on Dayre…..

Shall spam one more outfit. Hahaha.

One of the rare times I like the back design as much as the front. Hehe. Love the cut in design at the back!

Ok that's all from me for now, maybe I'll update again later tonight.. Have a good Friday!!

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