One of his daily antics which never fails to crack me up.

He only does this at night when I reach home from work. This is him saying that he wants to come out to play. 😂

Xiaobai Ng drinking from my cup.

XBD Ng also wants to drink from the cup.

Why ah?? Hahaha. My cup nicer to drink from is it. 😒

Hello, funny face!

Monday is dress down day for work.

Not like it's a written rule or anything…. But because, you know, Mondays.

Just want to dress comfortable and not have to fuss about which outfit to pick from my wardrobe which is spilling over (an understatement, REALLY).

Wore my forever favourite, Kidston Button Down Shirt! We just opened another round of backorders for it. I actually already lost count but @jongsy said it's the third BO. So third it is!

If you haven't gotten yours, WHY NOT!

I think it's one of the few items in my wardrobe which I constantly feel like wearing.

And you know how easy it is for a basic white top to drown in my sea of clothes???

I always go "Eh Sissy did you see Kidston?? I cannot find leh!"

So I decided to keep a spare piece from this backorder when the stocks arrive. To save myself from heart attacks when I cannot find it. Hahaha. Or I will just make sure we open more backorders just so I can afford to keep losing it. 😬

Change of clothes because…

Shipment came and we were happy to see the Marni Skorts!!! Hehehe. Not the printed ones we did previously.

This new version comes in black and white.

Anddddd we used a really nice embossed material because I'm into textured fabrics now. Hahaha.


I say first…

I'm keeping both colours!

I think you can see the embossed pattern in this close up photo better.

So pretty, right? 😁

Had some llao llao to end the day.

So awesome even though they didn't have the raffaello sauce today!!

I love my Sanum with caramelized cookies, kiwi, strawberry and blueberry topped with raffaello sauce. I always order the same thing because I'm boring and unadventurous. Or… You could say that it's because I don't want to waste my calories. Haha.

Forgot to post my OOTD on Sunday so here goes.

Backorders for this pair of shorts and a few other items are up on TTR already!

Ok if you lazy….

These are the items – True Love Lace Top in White, Kidston Button Down Shirt in all colours, Keepers Tailored Shorts in Monochrome Florals and Vibrant Florals, Holly Double Tiered Top in all colours, All Day Culottes in Ivory, Black and Navy!

Thank me later, go grab your slots first! 😁😁

Shit, it's 1am now and I'm not in the least bit sleepy.

Sleepy bugs attack me please!

Have been having late nights for the past week. Just cannot sleep.

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