Come raid my wardrobe!!

After 2 hours of clearing "old clothes" from my wardrobe and clothes that have no choice but to be outside of my wardrobe, I am still left with a filled to the brim wardrobe.


For those who are keen to "rummage" through my closet, I will be taking part in the upcoming TBM flea on 27/28 Sep at Triple One Somerset, under the Raid My Wardrobe section!

I won't be there in person due to other commitments but I will definitely make your trip down worthwhile. 😁😁

Now I'm staring at my huge pile of to-keep pieces and thinking if I should leave them on the floor or just suck it up and arrange them nicely into my wardrobe.


Ok la, just let me wrap things up (before @jongsy kills me for leaving them on the floor) before I continue with this post and let you have an idea of what kind of clothes you can get from the flea!



Getting my iPhone 6 NOW.



Can't wait to get my new phone!

Have been living with my spoilt lock button iPhone 5 since forever and it's so annoying whenever I need to off the phone….

And I didn't have to queue at all!

Walked past the Starhub outlet at 100am while running my errands and happened to see that it's available. And I have a $200 voucher to redeem! WHEEEEEE.



Haha sorry for being annoying….


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