Friday, yay!


My whatsapp chats look so ugly now with the big fonts staring back at me. 😟

Time for me to update my #ootd photos from this week!

Cannot emphasis enough how much I love this dress. Hehe.

Maxi dresses just have this "feel-good" factor once you throw them on. Automatically look super tall and slim. #iamnotkidding

Happiest in maxi dresses!



This is actually inspired from one of my personal wardrobe staples. I only have it in black for the original piece and I reallyyyyy wanted to own it in more colours.

Perks of being an online store owner. Haha one colour becomes four colours. 😏👏

Already have black but I just had to keep another…. Because I prefer it with the TTR label.


Also in case I lose my original piece la. You know my house is like a black hole when it comes to basic pieces. 🙊

Still a fan of bralets because they make the body proportion look sooooooo good.


The skorts is a personal piece from Topshop…

Would be selling it on my personal selling post soon so you can keep a lookout for it!

Thought of creating an IG account to post the items I want to sell, but I think I will die if I have to juggle between handling so many accounts. So…. Will probably be posting the items up on my blog instead! 😊

Launching this on Sunday tooooo!

Comes in 6 colours!

I made work end early today so that we could all go have waffles and soft serve ice cream at Sunday Folks! This makes a good end to the week.


Days like these makes me glad that I'm working for myself and no one else.

Times do get tough every now and then, but I have too many wonderful people who helps me tide through. So blessed.

Oh yes, back to the TBM flea…

The other day, I cleared out about half my wardrobe. And after clearing them out, I put the clothes which were lying all around the house into the wardrobe.

Now my wardrobe is back to square one. 😂

I sent about 200 over pieces of apparels to the flea! And have about 100 pieces kept aside to be sold on my blog.

Most pieces are my pre-loved clothings from TTR. Pre-loved = only worn once lightly for most pieces. All going at $10 or $15!

Go to the flea and help me clear ok!

I think they definitely deserve better owners than me. Hahaha.

And honestly…. Even if they return the unsold pieces to me, I have no place to put them.

Thank you in advance for saving my wardrobe!!! 🙏

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