Veggie coloured walls.

Woke up early today because the painters were coming in to repaint the house. 😪

Sucks to have so little sleep.. But in the grand scheme of things, NO MORE GREEN WALLS AT HOME!!!!

Firstly I don't know why my parents chose the combination of lettuce green and apple green for the living room 5 years ago when we revamped the entire house.

Secondly, I have no inkling of why the three of us did not stop them. Hahahaha.


@jongsy and I offered to pay and my dad finally agreed to let us repaint the house!!


We're doing powder blue (our latest craze) and ivory for the bedroom walls. Can't wait to see the end results!! Heh.

"You mean… I don't have to take photos against the green wall anymore? But veggie colour is my favourite colour! 🌿"

There was a blob of paint on the floor and Xiaobai went to step on it!!

Now she has a white splotch on her paw.


Progress update!!

We picked a nice neutral taupe for some walls of the living room to match with our tv console and sofa. Heh.

Not very visible in this photo but I'm loving the outcome after the first wash of paint went up. Never would have thought to paint the walls taupe, but surprisingly it gives a cosy and inviting look. ☺️

Overdue nail appointment and overgrown nails calls for a visit to Milly's.

Went for a simple french manicure this time round because I was lazy to think of new designs. Wanted something more classic to go with most of my outfits, and I've always loved french manicures!

Doing a giveaway for 4 sets of eyelash extensions + gelish manicures on my IG to celebrate the opening of Milly's 4th outlet. Hop over to join the giveaway now, cos they are picking the winners by tonight!

Feel so happy for Milly as a friend that her business is doing so well, opening outlet after outlet. ☺️


I am mortified.

I walked into Guardian to get a bottle of makeup remover. And at the counter, the cashier asked me, "Do you have Passion card?"

I happily replied "Oh no but I have Watsons card!", and passed her my Watsons card.

Totally oblivious to the fact that I stepped into Guardian.


I only realised it when the staff told me, "But we're not Watsons, we are Guardian…" Hahaha. All the while giving me this extremely bewildered look.


@jongsy says I 丢脸丢到家.

The living room is done!!!


If your living room has white walls, please appreciate. Hahaha.

Showing you another part of the living room which is not cluttered with junk.

So nice right the taupe colour!!

Now we're deliberating on whether we should do this colour instead of powder blue for the bedroomd as well. Heh.

Because all our stuff are piled into the living room now. 😒

Today's outfit.

Made up of my favorite separates.

We love basics so it doesn't come off as surprising that we got carried away (yet again) when choosing colours and made this in 6 colours, right?


Kept this in 4 colours, and unabashedly so.


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