It's funny how my "life" disappears from social media every time @jongsy goes overseas without me. And vice versa.


Now that she's back, I'm back! Cannot do without my personal photographer. Hahaha.

I'm such a sucker for maxi skirts.

Recently I really like wearing long stuff. Midi skirts, maxi skirts, midi dresses, maxi dresses.

Is this a side effect of growing old?? 😳

Paired this upcoming maxi skirt with the Chelsea Spag Top!

Love this combination cos it makes me look a lot skinnier than I actually am. Damn cheat but I don't care.

Love how fluid the material feels.

Weighty, flowy and comfortable.

Lil Sissy bought me some cute daisies and I thought I should make good use of them. Hehe.

Went for a lobster meal yesterday because I was feeling rich.

Hahaha kiddingggg. I wish.

Met @bbernice (FINALLY) for our Pince & Pints date before I fly off for my work trip this month.

Only 3 items on the menu so it was fairly easy for us to decide. Haha.

It also helps that the service staff were extremely helpful and came forward to give us recommendations. They also offered to help us take photos as you will see later on. Haha. No selfie stick needed.

The staff went, "are you all sisters?" after he took the photo for us.

Do we really look alike? Maybe a bit la right, since our surnames are the same. Hahaha.

Decided on the lobster roll x 2 and grilled lobster x 1.

The lobster roll was really good! No surprise there since it's their number 1 dish.

Grilled lobster was the surprisingly good dish.

I love how it tasted after being dipped in the butter herb sauce. Really fresh and succulent too!

They offered to help us take another photo with the food.

Hahaha I guess I looked very enthusiastic about taking photos of the food, and so they offered.

Great service there!

But oh god, the lighting is really not helping my eye bags. I need to sleep earlier.

Our favourite goes to the lobster roll!

Even the bread was soooo good. Carbs are evil but this is too good to resist.

I hope my samples don't feel too tight on me this month. πŸ˜”

We felt like bursting after the meal.

The portion looks alright but trust me, you're gonna be so full by the end of the meal.


I'm randomly posting some bunny photos in the middle of this post because I don't know when else better to post them… Hahaha.

Went to Scruffiez for XBD's grooming session the other day and I got to play with this white bunny while waiting.


It is SO tiny.

Fits into one hand and is the same size as my iphone6.

And it keeps licking me! Even my XBD doesn't lick me like that. 😭

Baby bunnies are super cute because you can be playing with them one minute and they suddenly flop and sleep the next minute. Hahahah.

Okay end of random bunny spam.


Today's outfit!

I seem to be wearing a lot of twirly skirts lately.


Love this top so much that I kept it in both prints.

The other is a cute checkered print which you can see from @jongsy's IG!

You might want to size down for this top because the sizing tends to run a little big.

I'm a UK6 wearing size XS for your reference! ☺️

Flying off for a work trip tomorrow.


Wish I was going for a vacation instead.

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