The best part about work trips?

Sinking into unimaginably soft and poofy white sheets on the hotel bed. And the fact that I can make my room as messy as I want, knowing that someone will pick up the mess for me the next day.

Goodnight world.

IG's being kinda blocked over here…… "Kinda" because it actually still works if we keep refreshing the app. Gotta try like 5 times before we can manage to post ONE photo.

And omg it is SO infuriating.


I feel so much like an addict now. Hahaha.


Went around exploring in our free time today.

Along the streets.

Wore my Keepers Shorts in Yellow today. ✌️

Going off for dinner with my supplier right now…

Fingers crossed that we haz no food poisoning this time round.


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