Dragged myself up at 9.30am and allowed myself to hit the snooze button till 10am.

Before you think that my life is so good that I have to "drag myself up at 9.30am"… I usually do work till the wee hours.

It's just the way my body clock functions. I also don't require my staff to stick to the 9-5 working hours. We work 12-6.

But its good enough for me if work can get done in time. Guess that is one of the perks of working for myself. I get to dictate the timings.

But anyway, back to why I had to wake up early today…

Got so many things to settle before we fly off for work trip tonight!


It's ALWAYS a mad rush on the day of our flight. Kind of impossible to do everything beforehand so we already resigned to the fate of having to rush through a million things on the day we fly.

Was telling @jongsy that we should give ourselves a day off during the week that we travel for work.

You see, we fly on Fridays. Work through Saturdays and Sundays.

Sunday nights when we're overseas, we still gotta settle the launch. Which means I also have to work ahead before I fly to get all the product images done and make sure previews go up.

Then Mondays we come back and continue the weekly routine of work.

So tired leh.

But in a way, it's all good work. So I shall think on the bright side and psycho myself that I'm going for a vacay instead. Hahaha.

Wore the Lena Knit Cropped Top today.

Kept this in all 4 colours! Hahaha. No surprise right…

Irrelevant but I like how my hair colour looks under sunlight.



I am on a cab while updating and the cab uncle is……

Dozing off.

The car is swerving right and left.

Brb I need to talk to the uncle and distract him from the sleepy bugs.

Crisis averted.

Managed to talk to the uncle and make him feel more awake.

I hope he drove safely after we got off the cab.

Candid photo awkward hand.

But I shall post it anyway. Hahaha. Wasting time at the airport before boarding.

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