Work Trip Oct

1am work trip ramblings.

Just spent the past 6 hours placing orders after orders. My job may sound/look fun most of the time, but sometimes it is just plain tiring. And tedious too.

You might imagine it to be fun to choose the fabrics, prints and colours. But trust me, after you have done so for x number of designs, you just want to get it over and done with.

And that is after 6 hours of roaming around the fabric market, touching and feeling the different kinds of fabrics. So many different types that some of you might find it hard to comprehend.

So many prints that you need extremely keen and discerning eyes to really pick out the good ones.

We also have to squeeze through the horrendous traffic that stops for no one, and numerous sweaty masses of bodies at the fabric market.

The air is really bad here too.

Everywhere (even inside the malls) is a potential lung cancer zone.


But on the other hand…. It is always worth all the hassle and hardship when we see our pieces materialize, and when customers tell us that they really love our apparels.

And I'm really loving all the pieces that we have in store for Oct and Nov. 😍😍😍

That's the kind of joy that I know I can never get if I were to be slogging my guts for some other company instead of my own.

I'm already mentally deciding which pieces to keep when the new stocks arrive.


Really need to get started on my personal wardrobe clearance soon. Next week maybe!!

The new website is also well on it's way. I've already seen the first draft but somehow I think it needs more fine tuning before it says hello to the world. 👋

I shall try to catch some winks before waking up tomorrow to catch my flight back to sunny land.

Ohhhh another happy thing to look forward to the next trip…. The weather will be officially cold! And I can bring all my knits and coats and boots. Hahaha. #cheapthrill but I need to motivate myself for the next trip.


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