No TGIF for me.

Typed a really long paragraph about how sucky my Philips garment steamer is, but I forgot and exited the app before I posted it.

Not going to retype but I strongly advise you not to get the purple colour Philips steamer if you're looking to get one.

It's expensive (double the price of the one I use at TTR office, not user friendly AT ALL, and spews black, violent jets of hot water every now and then which ruined a few of my white tops/bottoms. 😑😑


Anyway, it's Friday so we shall dwell on happier things…


Valid till tomorrow. You can thank us later. πŸ˜‰

Waffles for Friday.

Really craving for ice cream + waffles lately so I dragged @jongsy to Wimbly Lu.

The little sissy's school is like a 5 minutes walk away and we got her to join us during her break too! Hehe.

I used to love their waffles but after trying Sunday Folks and Hatter Street, this just doesn't taste as good as it used to.


We were also very baffled that they served us the waffles first when we clearly asked the wait staff to serve the food all together. By the time the rest of the items came, the ice cream was already half melted. Meh.

Yesterday's outfit of Marni Skorts.

Apparently we still cannot get enough of this. Haha.

Did it in plain solid fabric this time round! I love the bright happy colours that we picked for it. ☺️

The filter is making my hair look a little purple.

And I think it's quite nice. Haha. Maybe the next time I visit the salon!

Some of you are asking about the top and yes it's upcoming but I don't know when. πŸ˜”

Having my tuna baguette dinner on the car because today was just too hectic for a proper sit down dinner.

Just finished a photoshoot (it's nearing 9pm now) and am on my way home to finish up a blog post which is due tonight by 12. And finish editing photos for Sunday's launch.

What TGIF? πŸ˜’

Going to wash up and get down to work!!

But before that, I thought I would just post this photo here to show you what colours we have for the basic spag.




Before I really go off for the rest of Friday (need to stop procrastinating on the blog post!!), I shall spam photos of my favourite outfit this week. Heh.

Introducing the Kenzo Pleated Culottes.

My new love.

Stocks just arrived this week and I already wore it out in 2 colours. 😍

I'm not a fan of nude/browns but this pair changed my mind entirely.


Material feels thicker and is relatively crease-proof compared to the one we used for All Day Culottes and Fame Game Palazzo Pants.

It's not as soft and flowy but it feels slightly more structured and weightier.

Just very love la! Haha.


Paired the black with Chantel Tube Top in Checks!

Was actually wearing another bottom but the stocks arrived and I changed into the culottes immediately. Hahaha. πŸ˜‚

Omggggg ok I need to go.

For real.

Bye and enjoy your Friday! Will be back to reply to comments laterz!

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