Outdoor Shoot

Woke up at 8am today for an outdoor shoot.

It's been long since I'm up this early.

It's also been more than a year since our last lookbook.

Excited but nervous at the same time. Will keep this space posted!

Have not transferred the photos from my camera but I was diligently taking photos of behind the scenes today. ✌️

So pleased with the shoot today!

Glad we managed to secure an indoor location because it poured at the time we were supposed to start our shoot.

Stole a peek at the photos from Fiona's camera and I love them! Think they're gonna look better after editing. Heh.

Today's outdoor shoot reminded me of how tough our shoots were last time.

Three years ago we did outdoor/themed shoots EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

It was not only physically tiring but also mentally draining at the same time, having to come up with new locations and shoot concepts. It was also extremely tough to wake the models up early in the morning especially since we shoot on weekends.

Some shoots had to be done twice separately because models couldn't wake up. Hahahah. Especially this DX.

We did this weekly outdoor shoot thing for almost 2 years when I decided that it was getting really tedious.

I also grew a lot tanner because you know, outdoor shoots are always done under the scorching hot sun. I always say that sun is better than rain though..

We were really lucky that out of so many shoots, only 1 had to be postponed due to heavy rain. I still remember that it was done at a jetty and that it was our unluckiest shoot ever, due to a series of unfortunate events.

There were also many FML moments during our stint of outdoor shoots.

Like being chased away by security guards because we were not supposed to shoot at certain places, getting a thousand and one mosquito bites (at Old School haha), and having to clean mud off heels after a rainy shoot at Buangkok (DX's brilliant suggestion).

Everytime we reminisce about these shoots, we will laugh at the stupid things we went through together. Tough times which are more like fond memories now.

I guess undergoing the tough times (lugging countless of bags of clothes and shoes, standing under the hot sun, having to scout for new locations, scheduling everyone's dates within a super tight time frame, sleepless nights before actual of the shoot) was worth it because TTR would never have been where it is today without all of that.

Even though I still don't get much sleep on the night before the shoot due to anxiety (you don't know the million and one things that can go wrong during photoshoots), I still look forward to outdoor shoots somehow. The end visuals are something that studio shoots can never deliver.

I don't look forward enough to do it every week still…. But after today's shoot, we MIGHT go back to doing it regularly for lookbooks.


I realised that I have been rambling on and on. Photos in abit!

Oh yes, and before I forget…

The photos today are for the new website!!!



It's still not exactly there yet but I'm going to get it settled by tomorrow. Go me!

Show you sneak peek from Fiona's camera!!

And another.

Off to send some loose parcels now! Ttyl!

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