I have been eating quite well lately. Hahah.

Korean BBQ for dinner with my TTR girls yesterday! We're soon going to lose count of how many times we have been there. 😂😂 as usual, @jongsy and I KO-ed first.

We are really unsuitable for buffets of any kind. Hahaha.

Amy told us that there's Llao Llao at United Square and we went to check it out!

Relatively short queue compared to 313… And so we got our Sanums!

But sad to say, it melted a little too fast (not frozen enough me thinks), and did not come with the green spoon. I still prefer the one at 313 but maybe United Square would be better if I don't feel like queuing.

Am officially addicted. Heh.

Moving on to this week's outfits!

Forgot to post this on my IG but it was my dress down outfit for Monday.

Wore flip flops because my new loafers gave me a few angry blisters at the back of my feet. 😩

Gingham shirt and nude bucket bag from Zara!

Oh and this was my outfit on Sunday!

Can you tell how much I love my Kenzo Pleated Culottes? In the short span of 2 weeks, I already wore this 4 times. Lolol.

Unprecendented, I tell you!

And those are the loafers which caused me to wear flip flops on Monday.

In the mood for white, black and grey recently.

I'm dressed up in these colours every day this week except for Monday. Hahah. I guess I tend to overdo my colour themes. 😳

I need to let you know that my new favourite colour is grey….. So expect to see lots of it on TTR. Haha.

Wore my Marni Skorts out because it is my most comfortable pair of skorts ever.

The fit is just so relaxed and I feel like I can eat a lot in it. Hahahah.

Still into marble prints so it's my top pick out of all the prints/colours still!

See what I mean by overdoing my colour themes?

Wait till I show you my outfit for today.

Today's outfit.

I promise I will try to wear the culottes less from next week onwards.


And yay new colours for the Holly Double Tiered Top came! I am so happy that we did White this time. I thought we picked White for the first batch but turned out we did not.

You'll be able to catch this on our new website! On 2 November. Heheh. ✌️

And if you're wondering why we have not been doing our work this week in posting previews…

It's because we are busy prepping for our MOVING OUT SALE!!!

We are not technically moving out from our office or ttr.com, but "moving" over to our newly revamped site. So yay, SALE!

Off to enjoy my Friday with friends and sushi now…. See you on Sunday 8PM for the big sale! 👋

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