Behind the scenes.

Having a persistent headache that would not go away.

Really need a good sleep but I doubt I am going to get it this week. And next week…. We are going on a work trip. I also really need to kick away the bad habit of thinking about work before I sleep. 😞

Since I have some free time on hand now (while @jongsy is driving), I shall post some of my favourite photos from the Lookbook we did at Wheeler's Yard last week! Will also update about behind-the-scenes later today in the same post.

Ok since I'm working on the new site now, thought I'll let you steal a peek.



Ok back to behind the scene updates!

It was pouring that morning so we were lucky that we changed our minds about the location in the end.

Wheeler's Yard is a really nice cafe to shoot at because they have an abundance of space and natural light streaming in.

Took a photo in front of the signature blue door because…

I just had to. How can anyone not?

Fiona of Smittenpixels was our photographer of the day!

Love the end photos that were delivered! Am also looking forward to our next shoot together. 😊

As you can tell, I'm really happy to have a photographer so that I do not have to take on this stressful task.

So so so grateful that the models were able to reach on time for the shoot!

I know they are not morning people so it took A LOT of effort to have to drag themselves up in the morning just for a photoshoot. Hahaha. I absolutely understand because I am not a morning person either.

Was quite happy that the photoshoot went well without major hitches that day.

Except that we forgot to bring a top and @jongsy had to drop me off before going back home to take.

Every photoshoot requires a person to sit at a designated spot to watch over all the things and get the models dressed.

And that person who usually has to endure the boredom is @jongsy!

As you can see, she's using her phone to keep herself occupied. Hahah.

Sometimes I'll take turns with her but she feels safer if I'm the one who watches over the photoshoot.

I think waking up early had to do with Val acting silly that day.

My specific instructions to them were "not to look too happy and no smiling", but she just could not stop laughing.

The attack of the laughing bugs.

Hahaha. See what I mean???

Actually, Val is not as aloof as she seems on most of her photos…. Haha. She has a very warm and funny personality which makes me like her quite a lot! 😉


Spot anything funny about this photo???

Val came up with the "brilliant" idea of tying the sleeves together. For idk what purposes. Hahaha. She's totally not a morning person as you can see for yourself. I think both DX and her only had 2 hours of sleep before coming for the shoot.

It's amazing how they can still look so good in photos.

To see the photo that was being produced by Fiona in this shot, please wait patiently to see it from our Lookbook!


Took a photo inside Wheeler's Yard with my limited edition TTR canvas tote bag!


More details on how to get this tote bag will be posted on the new website and across our social media platforms soon!!

It's really awesome. You definitely need to find a way to get yourself one ok???

The staff working at Wheeler's Yard said he really like it so we gave one to him. Guys also can carry! Heh.

A proper photo of the tote bag just for you girls reading my Dayre! 🙆

It's made of really thick and sturdy canvas. I think I will be using it as my laptop tote bag from now on. 😍

Group photo to end off the shoot!!

Well, obviously the dress code that day was black and white but I didn't get the memo. 😪


Also, please pardon me for all the grammatical errors in this post. Trying to finish it asap so that I can move on to completing other things off my check list today.

Talk to you all again soon!!! 👋

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