It has been the craziest week and I am just struggling to keep up with everything.

Managed to survive 2 meetings today and working out the little kinks for the new website in between.

Dinner first. Will think about work later.


Just posted this super cute video which Yoko did for us!


Still in the midst of finalising some small details here and there. Am hoping to get the site up by 1 Nov so that you can navigate and explore the site before our first launch on 2 Nov!

Made some TTR candies to giveaway with our limited edition TTR tote bags!

We have in total 16kg worth of candies… So we've decided to include a packet of these in every purchase made on the new site too! While stocks last only~~

They are really yummy leh. @jongsy and I picked watermelon flavour for the pink ones and lychee flavour for the white ones!

The white ones come in the design of our round logo.. We totally should have made it black instead of white BUT mmmm on second thoughts, black candies might not be that great an idea. Hahaha.

Everything about the new website looks so good that I wanna cry tears of joy.

The sleepless nights are so worth it even though my body disagrees.

Getting from sick to sicker by the day.

It's not entirely completed right now but it already looks so good! /repeats another 10 times

Need to go get more work done on it so I guess I better get started. Wish me luck! Will post my outfits from this week either later or tomorrow!

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