We're announcing the giveaway winners tonight!

Will probably do so around 11-ish so that you have more time to join the giveaway if you have not.

The clock is ticking, you better hurry. ⏰


We will be doing our first ever launch for the resident brands (Foundry & Co, Nakedglory and Sensibar) on TTR! I'm sure you've heard of them and cannot wait to shop their collections. Heh.

Mark your calendars! The first launch will be happening on 5 Nov at 8PM sharp! 😊

Just collected the stocks from Yoko and I'm super in love with the printed watches she exclusively manufactured for TTR using our popular prints!

Will show you in a bit so that you can know what to expect on Wed!


Islander Shrug in Rainbow print. 😍

So tempted to keep one for myself but I shall be good and not do so because all the prints only come in limited quantities for the first batch. πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Whyyyy Yoko whyyyy.

Pina Colada Pineapple print!

Lauren Pelmet Skirt Rainbow Brushstrokes print!!

So damn pretty omg. Maybe we should just not launch them on the website this Wed… 😈

Maven Tee Dress Monochrome Florals print.

Again. So pretty!!!!

Close up.

Marni Skorts Brushstrokes print!

Mighty Cropped Top Blue Florals print!

This turned out a lot prettier than expected, actually. Hehe.

There are 2 more prints but errrrm haha I need to dig my wardrobe because I cannot remember where I placed them. They are the Lauren Pelmet Blue Roses print and Etsy Trumpet Skirt Psychedelic Rainbow print!

When Yoko suggested using the prints of TTR apparels to print on her watches, I immediately knew what prints I wanted.

We actually also gave her the Magnolia print but somehow it just does not come out well on such a small surface. Pity, but the rest of the prints turned out gorgeous!

Can't wait to launch the Printed Pretties series on TTR this 5 Nov 8PM! Any other prints you would like to see? Drop me a comment and I'll go pester Yoko! Hahaha.

Also showing you these in case you're not a fan of prints on your time pieces.

Exclusively manufactured by Nakedglory! White is now exclusive to TTR because… It's all sold out on Nakedglory website. Hahaha. ✌️

Love the Cirque watches toooooo! I have it in Navy as well.

Goes well with so many of my outfits!


Set your alarm clocks on Wednesday ok!!

I'll show you what the other resident brands are going to launch in another post! I don't have the photos with me right now.

Now you can go ask your friends which print you should get. Because I am in a dilemma myself too. 😫

Inserting this random photo which makes me happy because…….

After 4 months of having to dabao food from the Breadtalk building, the canteen at my office building is finally opening! 😭😭😭

Probably the best piece of news this week yet. Hahah.

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