TTR Residents

As promised, I'm going to continue with my post to show you what you can find in our midweek launch tomorrow featuring our resident brands!


To be honest, when I approached these brands, I was pretty uncertain of the idea myself. Hahah. You know how sometimes an idea might seem good in your head but it actually turns out quite meh and not so awesome after all? And also, I was not sure how well received it would be.

So, I was really touched that all the brands agreed immediately without even asking me the details of how this partnership works and all…… 😭 I am extremely thankful to them for placing their trust in me, @jongsy and TTR so unconditionally.

They have also rendered full support to TTR in helping us do shoutouts about the giveaways and the launch of the website very selflessly.

So much love for them!

And of course, their visuals make the entire website look better than it already is.

I know I can always depend on them to produce pretty photos! And they did. 😍

Truthfully….. I think I might end up keeping a lot of items from their launches. Hahaha.

Ok I shall stop the suspense and start showing you what we have in store for you tomorrow~

Was doing styling for this week's photoshoots and I think they look so much better with the right amount of accessorizing!

This outfit would definitely not look as good without the necklace. I love minimalist looking accessories like this piece here! I'm thinking of getting the silver version for myself…. Hahaha.

This necklace is definitely for those who love their baubles. Most of TTR apparels are pretty basic, definitely easy to match with the statement pieces from Foundry & Co! 😊

Pretty pretty!

I can imagine this piece on a plain basic top, paired with a casual pair of shorts/pants, plus silver accented sandals!

I love this persplex piece too!

So perfect for days when you just want to wear a casual top but yet not want to look sloppy or too dressed down.

Lydia gave this to me a while back and I'm still wearing it with my outfits every other week.

I like that this piece is long enough to look good with my plain maxi dresses!

Black is pretty too.


Everything is pretty to me.


The silver piece I was talking about!!! πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

How ah Lydia……

I like almost everything!! 😭😭😭

Can you please stock in things that don't appeal to me so much next time?

And finally!!

Showing you awesome stuff from @jazreeltan's Sensibar!

She's such a perfectionist at heart so it was a really tough feat for her to put together this collection given the time frame I set. Hehe. So happy that everything in this collection looks extra good!!

I always think that Sensibar items make very good gifts because of all the effort that has been put into the packaging. And you can always trust the perfectionist in Jazreel to take care of all the extra small details which makes a gift perfect for giving.


Damn cute alphabet rings which now come in Silver!!

I was telling Jazreel how I much prefer my accessories to be silver instead of gold nowadays. And now the rings come in silver. I also want leh!

These are the ones which Jazreel passed to me previously.

They work well as midi rings too!

Also, you can think of cool combinations like.. XOXO. Doesn't have to be your initials/name!

Can be you and your boyfriend's initials too. Hehe.

I don't mind wearing TTR on my fingers too!

See what I mean by perfect gifts?

The packaging and all is really, really nice!

I am also pestering Jazreel to bring in some of her famous name bangles the next time round she launches a new collection…. You all can go bug her too.

Will be posting the full preview complete with prices in a while.. Stay tuned!


That's one thing off my check list tonight.

Next I just need to pack my things for tomorrow's photoshoot…. Edit my blog post…. Prepare for Friday's work trip…. And the list goes on.

Why do I always seem to be running out of time? πŸ˜”

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