Hello, hello!!

Wanted to continue with my updates yesterday but Dayre was down.

Well, I guess I better get ahead in updating this space before I officially get caught up in the work trip this weekend. 😪

Yesterday was the mumsy's birthday so we stole some time off work after the photoshoot to go celebrate!

Wished we could bring her some place further but she gotta work. So we picked Grub since she has not been there before anyway.

Of course we had to order the Mentaiko Fries.

These yummy golden fries come with the most awesome mentaiko aioli dip and seaweed flakes.

The item I MUST order whenever I'm at Grub. Even better than truffle fries imo!

The Sakura Ebi Pasta was surprisingly good too!

First time trying it. Love how generous they were with the sakura ebi, and the prawns tasted really fresh too!

The burger was debatable. It was not the worst burger we've had, but at the same time it was not as memorable as the other dishes.

The little sissy ordered the pork quesadilla and it was pretty decent except for the price tag. Haha.

Wore our upcoming maxi dress out for brunch!

I thought I would regret my decision to wear it after the food goes into my tummy… But surprisingly, it was alright. I did not feel any urge to change out after my meal.

It is definitely not a dress for "feel-fat days", but I like outfits like this because they make me feel more conscious of my posture and I will subconsciously try not to eat too much. Which is somewhat good right? Haha.

Paired my dress with the Ixion Pearl Necklace which was launched on the website yesterday. Just had to keep it for myself because it's so preddyyyyy. Hehe.

It looks good with shirts too. Used it for photoshoot yesterday!

My favourite item from Sunday's launch!! Heh.

I'm pretty happy about the collection we've put together for this coming Sunday!

Wore the Stolen Boy Shorts out the other day in black. Couldn't help but to pair it with a monochrome top. Hahah. My monochrome obsession is getting out of hand.

Kept a grand total of 3 colours for this pair of shorts.

It is currently the most decent pair of shorts in my wardrobe right now. Haha.

By the way, it's really comfortable too. We used the Willow Midi Skirt material for this pair of shorts. It's really soft and comfortable on the skin, you would know if you own a piece (or more) of the Willow Midi Skirt. ☺️

Monday's outfit.

I usually dress down on Mondays because it's the first day of the work week and I feel lazy to dress up nicely.

But I really wanted to wear this paperbag skirt, haha. So I snapped out of my usual Monday laziness and put together a more-decent-than-usual-Mondays-outfit.

And thank you for the support during last night's launch!

We sure did not expect that it would go so well! Very thankful for all the support from our customers. We'll definitely do better the next time round. ☺️

Now I have to go pester the brands to do their restocks/backorders soon! Hahaha.

Am now waiting for the models to come so that we can wrap up photoshoots for this week.

I conclude that photoshoots are the most energy draining part of my job. They are fun and the results are gratifying but the process and preparation kills. Haha. Oh well. 😶

Oh yes.. Anyway!

I just shared about my Tokyo Bust Express experience on my blog >>> http://www.joycesayshello.com! And telling you this because at the end of the post… You can stand a chance to win a $20 TTR giftcard!

5 winners will be picked!

Don't say good things I never share ok? Heh.

Finally done with photoshoot and packing up!!

Packing up is the part that I dislike most about the photoshoots. Haha which explains why my studio is an unsightly mess most of the time. Anyway, we were so hungry that we left a lot of it unpacked.

I think my staff will faint when they step into the office tomorrow. 😬

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