Time to upgrade your IG app, people!

You can now edit captions and geotag locations after you post your photos!

They should have added this function long, longggg time ago. Wonder what took them so long. 😒

Guess where we went today?


Went back again today because we were craving for it.

This marks our second visit there, and the waffles are still as awesome as the first time round.


Wanted to pick an ice cream flavour that we have not tried before… But only earl grey lavender sounds more unique and… I don't dare to try lavender. Haha. Does it tastes like air freshener? Tell me if you've tried please!

We added sea salt chocolate honeycomb to the waffles!

Cost $1.90 because it's one of their premium toppings.

I think we made a good choice! I don't know if it's due to the toppings but the waffles tasted even better than the first time we were there.

Our ice cream flavour today is roasted pistachio. I wouldn't mind sea salt gula melaka too but @jongsy doesn't fancy that. Hahaha.

And yayyyy my new phone cover finally arrived in the mail!!

Been waiting for it for so longggg. Said bye bye to my transparent-turning-yellowish-cover!

That's my trusty Timex watch from Nakedglory right there. Hehe. Love this stripey strap so much that I have yet to change to the brown and black ones I have. Maybe soon!!

Before the day ends…

Here's my OOTD!

One of the new colours for the Petal Flare Shorts. Hehe. I think I must be crazy. Already kept all colours previously and keeping all colours again for the upcoming new colours. 🙊

The device which I am holding is a new HP tablet which I have been bringing around for work. It's so convenient!

And the best part is….

We'll be holding a giveaway to give away 2 tablets to 2 lucky customers! More deets coming your way soon! Very excited for this collaboration!

On the personal front, the past few days have not been so good.

But I believe I will get past those stumbling blocks and emerge better and stronger like I did before. 💪

I think problems are sometimes a blessing in disguise. They bring to attention areas which can be improved on and eventually, when you solve the problems, things are usually better than before.

So…. I shall go sleep on those problems tonight and tomorrow will be a better day. ☀️

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