This is how my princess looks like after she rubs her face all over my bed and my outfit of the day.


SO CUTE. Hehehe.


Any plans for Friday?

I actually don't like the idea of heading out on Friday nights because everywhere is crowded and you have to queue to even eat at mediocre restaurants/eating places.

So it's stay-home-and-edit-photos Friday for me!

Visited Fix Cafe yesterday with my cafehopping partner-in-crime, @jongsy.

Look at how petite @jongsy is. Hahaha. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Can barely reach the counter.

It's located at the poolside of Home Team NS at Balestier. Here's our nice poolside view!

Some background info: Fix is actually owned by the same team who runs Grub at Bishan Park.

Didn't know that until I googled for their address just now. Haha.

Their menu was not exactly extensive.. Just like Grub. But many of them sounded enticing!

Ordered wayyyy too much for us two. Haha. But greedy me felt like trying so many things!

Our favourite dish has to be the crispy soy drumlets!

Wiped all 6 drumlets out even though Sissy is usually not the biggest fan of fried chicken. So this is really a rare feat. πŸ˜‹

They marinated the chicken really, really well. It was just bursting with flavour!

Would honestly go back again just for this alone. Tastes the same, if not better than those we had at Chicken Up!

3 cheese penne gratin was alright… Not extremely good as what I expected.

I think some flavours were lacking.

We went with high expectations of these – liu sha doughnuts.

But mehhhhh. πŸ‘

So disappointing. The doughnuts were super doughy and chewy. The dip tasted more of custard than salted egg. 😫

You have failed us.


Thought this fared pretty well!

Not too sweet, just like how I like my tarts. I think they could have made the rose flavour more prominent though.

The only rose flavour that came through was from the dollop of pink cream.

I think the crispy drumlets raised the standard, so all the other dishes tasted average only. Haha. Would love to be back to try their naanwiches again some time.

Wore our upcoming basic tee out!

It is so awesomely comfortable that….. I didn't even felt like changing out of it immediately when I reached home yesterday. It feels more comfortable than my pyjamas. Haha.

And everyone needs a basic tee!

I say first, I am keeping all the colours for this tee ok @jongsy?

I'm keeping all the colours so that I can wear it on my weekends. 😳

Also because all the colours are very wearable.

White, Black, Olive, Navy, Grey.

How to choose, right??

Friday's dress down outfit.


Actually, every day is dress down for me because I don't have a any work dress code to follow. πŸ˜‚

Wearing the Petal Flare Shorts in Dusty Blue today. When the stocks arrived, I thought this colour looks like Periwinkle so I told @jongsy that I am not going to keep it.

But it does not actually look like periwinkle if you stare at it for longer. Periwinkle looks like a happier colour while Dusty Blue looks more… Emo.

It is the kind of colour which does not catch your attention at first. But after a while, it slowly creeps up on you and starts to grow on you.

I only decided to bring this colour home yesterday. But now it is my favourite colour of the lot!

Ok, just got home from grocery shopping for the bunnies.

Happy Friday to all of you! Off to let the bunnies out for some play time before tackling my work. Hope your Friday's more happening than mine is!

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