Check out Valerie's Tokyo post for TTR on the website! ☺️

You can either click on BLOG to access the post, or click on the super chio photo of Val on the home page.

Another happy thing to share…

Managed to convince Jazreel to put some of her I AM ENOUGH bangles on TTR this Sunday together with our collection! 😊 Love how her items always come with stories and meanings behind. They make the best and most thoughtful gifts in my opinion.

However, because she needs time to perfect every single handmade piece, these won't be sold as instocks. We will be opening these as backorders with limited slots. The best part is that they will be ready by Christmas!

I'm thinking of getting some of these for my girlfriends as well… Hehe. I am not sure how many slots will be opened for this…

Fastest fingers first!!


We'll be doing a giveaway on IG later today to give away 6 pieces of the Saffron Oversized Knit Cardigan! 3 Navy 3 Cream.

Stay tuned to our IG account, don't miss it! 😉

Giving you a heads up first. Hehe.

Hahahaha watching the comments "live" popping up one by one on the TTR IG account. So cute the comments!!

Keep the comments coming! Your BFF will love you for tagging her! 😉

Before the day ends, here's my OOTD.

I was not kidding about keeping all colours for this tee. Hehe. 😳

Threw on the Saffron Oversized Knit Cardigan to catch Big Hero 6 just now. Perfect weekend outfit!

Love this week's launch because everything is so basic! 😍

See you at the launch tomorrow! And don't forget to join the giveaway if you have not!

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