New week ahead. Let's gooooooo!!!

Can't help but to feel a little miserable today as I start my project eat clean week.

It's only been a day. Ok wait, not even a day. How do the girls who are perpetually on diets/juice cleanses do it???

So far, I've had Yong Tau Foo with lots of veggies (minimal fried stuff). Not looking forward to the rest of the week. Meh.

It has been raining non stop today.

Not good for taking OOTDs. So, a flatlay it is!

We just released the Marni Skorts in Marble back onto the website. You can find it under Editor's Pick or just type "Marni" in the search bar to cart it out. 😉

I don't know if any of you realise…. The items under Editor's Pick are not by random.

They are all items that I personally have kept and really really like. Hahaha. There, now you can stop wondering how many items I keep per collection. 😳

But @jongsy says that sometimes I keep too many items. So not all items I kept are under Editor's Pick. Haha. You can think of it as a subset of my wardrobe.

Here's something warm and furry for you on a rainy day.


All round and fluffy now, my bunny girl.

Here's her sticking her tongue out at Monday.

I kid.

She was licking her mouth after a blueberry. Hehe.

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