Had lunch at Toss & Turn today.

I never realised how tough it is to eat clean when you have to dine outside. So many temptations coming from all directions. πŸ˜”

It was a good thing that we managed to get seats at Toss & Turn. Having tried eating at several salad bars, this is my absolute favourite. Super love the flexibility in being able to choose the ingredients and how generous they are with the servings.

Definitely worth my $9.80!

Guess who's on the eat clean project with me?


I think @jongsy is more than happy la. She can take healthy food much better than I can.

The salads look like what my bunnies usually have for dinner. So green and leafy.

(Omggggg wanna eat these right naooooo.)

While I'm on the topic of food…

I've updated about Cafes Compiled Part II on my blog! Such pain having to upload all these yummy food photos while I'm trying to eat healthy this week. 😫

πŸ‘‰ http://www.joycesayshello.com

Blue outfit for a rainy day.

So happy that we decided to remake the Cooper Cut-in Top! T now comes in more colours and a an even more awesome material than before! ☺️

Love this shade of periwinkle! The previous fabric we used has limited colours and so we voted for a change in fabric.

This new fabric feels smoother and stretchier! And very slightly thicker if I'm not wrong.

And yepp, Willow Midi Skirt is coming back in new (and very pretty!) colours. Heheh.

I recently bought a new curler!

Still trying to figure out how to use it properly.

I think my hair is really too limp and fine to hold the curls for long though. You can barely see any curls in the photos above right?

Or maybe I need to use some hair products which can make the curls stay? They usually make the hair turn stiff though… So I'm not a fan. πŸ˜”

Will be grateful if you have any solutions!

Launching the Cooper Cut-in Top in new colours this weekend along with the ever classic White and Black.

Stay close!! πŸ˜‰

Gonna be a busy, busy week ahead for me. Will try my best to keep this space alive though. Hahah.

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