My dreadfully busy weekend is finally over and I'm back to update my Dayre!


I used to think that updating Dayre on the go shouldn't need to take up much time…. But I guess when I really get caught up with work, it's still hard for me to do proper, lengthy updates with nice pictures.

Having to wake up at 7am on both Friday (photoshoot) and Saturday (Singapore Kindness Movement) almost killed me. 😩 I need to revert my body clock to that of a normal human being.

Unless my memory failed me, I have not posted pictures of this outfit yet. Right?

Kidston Button Down Shirt in Olive!

By the way, Olive and various shades of dark green are now my new colour obsessions. They just look so understated but chic in their own ways. 😍

Spent my Friday night at the ELLE party and I wore an upcoming maxi dress from TTR.

Love this print which we painstakingly sourced for.


Hopefully we will be able to launch this in Jan! Just nice for CNY. And Valentine's!

Grey is also one of my favourite colours lately.

So many upcoming items which I kept in Grey!

My wardrobe is looking duller with all these dark, muted hues. But I likey!

And I'm really happy that our first ever manufactured parka turned out perfect!

Just the right amount of oversized and slouchiness that I really like in my parkas.

The material that we found for this is also really nice and wearable in Singapore's weather. All the outerwear we are coming up with this year are not really made for the extreme cold overseas weather. I was looking more at doing items which are wearable on a daily basis in Singapore. 😊

Yes, green again.

This time a perfect shade of hunter green.

Actually…. I kept all colours. How can I not???

I think I'm going to have to try very hard to not wear this too often.


Launching this on Wednesday because Sunday doesn't come fast enough. Hehe. Also, for those who have been asking about Willow Midi Skirt… Also this Wednesday!

Saw that Fiona dropped me the photos from our lookbook shoot done last week… Shall show you all the other 2 colours that the parka comes in!

Then you will know why I have to keep all the colours. Hahah.

Didn't have time to take behind the scene photos this time round because we were racing against time.

It was totally threatening to pour the entire time we had our photoshoot. Thankfully there was just a light drizzle… The weather held up until we completed the shoot! 🙌

There's nothing worse than waking up early, bringing all the photoshoot stuff and then having to cancel on your photog and model because the weather is bad.

Anyway…. Back to this awesome parka.

Photographer and models all kept one colour each! Hahaha.

Just realised that they all kept different colours. Fiona kept Khaki, Val kept Hunter Green and DX kept Black.

Because they are all equally nice. 😂

Looks like this week is going to be just as busy as last week because we're doing a midweek launch.

Already looking forward to having my short getaway during the 3rd week of Dec!!


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