Hyde & Co

Today's photoshoot was badddd.

We kept changing the styling and deliberated over the pairings for so long. 😞 Guess we're running into a bit of mental block nowadays when it comes to styling looks for photoshoots.

Although the models usually look good in everything… It just annoys me when I know that I could have done a better job at dressing up certain pieces.


Enough about work…

On my way home now from photoshoot and since @jongsy is driving, I shall make use of the time I have to update my Dayre!

Visited a relatively new cafe called Hyde & Co today at Bugis area.. So many cafes popping up for the past 2 years. Guess they are facing even stronger competition and saturation compared to the online store industry.

Definitely not easy to survive given how people nowadays prefer to cafe hop rather than to keep returning to the same cafe.

I would say that Hyde & Co fares pretty well for a cafe which just started operating a few weeks (?) back.

Love the friendly service staff and the quality of food was quite good as well!

Really wanted to try their truffle fries but it was out of stock when we tried ordering. 😩 Guess we were low on truffle fries luck today.

I like it when cafes put effort into making sure that whatever items on the table are pretty and look good in photos!

We ordered the Vanilla and Lemon Cake, S'mores French Toast and Cafe Mocha.

Still upset that I didn't manage to eat truffle fries today, but oh well, moving on…

I think this dish is pretty interesting!

Toasted marshmallows, melted dark chocolate and biscuit crumbs sandwiched in between french toast.


But I was really the most impressed by their Vanilla and Lemon Cake.

Usually not a fan of lemon flavoured pastry but this is really too good. So glad we ventured out of our comfort zone and ordered this!

The cake is really delicate and the sweetness of vanilla balanced well with the tangy lemon curd.

I think this cake was supplied to them by a vendor though! Not sure if it is permanently on their menu!

Another shot of this awesome cake. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

By the way, the staff also told us to keep the receipt for a 10% off if we visit them again in the month of November!

Just telling you!

If you still remember this skirt from my Instagram ootd and the last lookbook which we did at Wheelers Yard…

We're finally launching it this weekend!

What took us so long was due to the first batch of skirts being "defective".

I say "defective" because when the first batch of stocks arrived, we did a rough check, tried on the pieces and happily thought that it was a really perfect piece. Wore it out ourselves, featured it in our lookbook… And thought it was ready to be launched on TTR.

There was absolutely nothing that appeared to have went wrong or looked defective to us.

That was… Until we washed our personal piece.

And it shrunk.

Shrunk a total of 2 inches. Shrunk so much that the inner lining was staring right back at us.

Of course we could not launch that! To make things worse, the factory told us that there was nothing they can do because it was probably due to the unethical fabric factory which overstretched the cloth so that they could earn more out of it.

It was even more upsetting because we really liked the material and had manufactured 3 designs all using the same material.

We did a basic cropped spag which would totally have shrunked into a bra if we were to wash it. 😑

Financial losses aside, my primary concern was to make sure that the new material we choose do not have the same problem. And that the stocks can arrive asap.

I also heaved a sigh of relief because THANK GOD WE WASHED OUR PERSONAL PIECE, forestalling what could have been one hell of a problem should customers wash their pieces and face the same problem.

Which is why I feel extra happy and relieved when this new batch of skirts finally arrived last week.

This time round, we even had a chance to improve by adding a small slit at the back to enable easy walking! ✌️

The old batch came in 2 lengths but we only ordered the midi for the new batch.

I even asked my supplier to test wash the new batch for 4 hours to make sure that the skirt will not shrink this time round.

I don't think my heart can take it if the same episode happens twice.

Anyway, we will definitely consider making the short version in future since some of you asked me on IG!

And here I present…

The ill fated tie front midi skirt which will finally be launched after many trials and tribulations.


It's the best fitting skirt ever because the tie front design cleverly conceals the tummy area… Which means you don't have to be afraid of stuffing yourself silly at meal times.


Which can be good or bad, depending on how you see it. Hahaha.

I also really love how you can style this skirt in many, many ways.


Just want to cry tears of joy when this new batch arrived with no hiccups. Hahaha.

Never been so happy to receive any design before. No kidding.

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