It's finally Friday!

Meeting my dearest @nakedglory for dinner to end off my inspiration-less week.

Stupid girl said that she wants to buy 4D when I told her I would be travelling to town via public transport.

I do take public transport ok??? Lol although it did take me a while to locate the circle line platform at the Paya Lebar station. Hahah.

It's Friday…. Who wants to drive to town, risking bad jams and having to wait 30 minutes for parking? 😒

Shall share some photos from our latest (and unpublished!) lookbook before I upload them on the site… Just some cos my connection is bad and it's so tedious to download them all from Dropbox..

Love the vibrant colours of the photos this time round!!

It was so goddamn humid the other day at the shoot because it rained for a while in between the different sets of outfits. Gotta hand it to Val that she still can look so perfect and non-sweaty. Haha.

We managed to borrow a skateboard from little sissy's friend too. ✌️

Doesn't Val look the part of a skat8r gurl? Hahahaha. Don't be fooled though. She can't skate for nuts.

Jump shots also seem really difficult that day for some reason.

We had to do like 10 just to get a perfect one.

Launching the Glam Slam Skirt (so punny right, I love it) this weekend as well!

Check out the cute contrasting grosgrain ribbon above the hem.

Anddddd my favourite from this weekend's launch!

The Bravery Tie Front Midi Skirt.

This colour is not so vibrant in real life, I think the filter/editing made it look much brighter. It's actually a more toned down shade of navy!

On my way home from dinner now..

Just in time to update my OOTD for today's post!

My attempt at looking like a grown up today. Hahah, was telling @jongsy that this is the most age appropriate outfit that I have worn in quite a while. 😳

I guess you don't really place so much emphasis on what is considered as appropriate work wear when you're working for yourself.. Heh.

Love this skirt so much that I am almost tempted to wear the grey out this week too. Hahaha.

We shall see. 😏

Had a fun Friday night hanging out with Yoko! So sad that I forgot to bring my camera out today. Boo. Let's visit another cafe another day again leh @nakedglory! Hahahahah.

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