Have not been updating this space for the past few days because…


And tired.

And stressed out.

And busy.

Just this week itself, I scheduled 3 photoshoots. I don't know what got into me either. 😫 One more shoot to go, I hope I survive.

Just gonna spam some food pictures because my brain is in a semi-coma state already.


Rainbow cake from NOM which was TOO salty and not as nice as their usual! Maybe the baker's hands slipped and in went too much salt.

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake, also from NOM.

Okkkkk only, I don't like my cheesecakes too dense. πŸ˜”

Was craving for BKT and Ben recommended the one at Ng Ah Sio….

What can I say?

I'm not a huge fan of overly peppery tasting BKT. Hahaha. The side dishes were pretty awesome though.

I would probably go back to Founder's next time. Lol.

Visited a cafe for lunch this week.

It was a letdown because the space looks so much better than the food tasted.

Went with @jongsy and we were the only two people in the cafe. But the drinks took 10 minutes and food 30 minutes. Did not help that I was famished even before I stepped into the cafe.

I ordered this. Tasted average but for $13.90 I would have expected a better side dish, at least. Or a bigger portion.

Cannot be bothered to upload more pictures of the other food that we ordered.

The truffle fries were burnt, brown, not well seasoned and overly crispy. πŸ˜” Still craving for it so maybe I'll go find another place this week which has nice truffle fries. Any recommendations other than PS cafe, Sprmkt, Habitat Coffee and Lola?

I like the hanging lights though.

And yay!

We're officially into December. Could not wait to say my goodbye to November because it was so horrible.

Problems after problems. Just when I thought I had a problem down pat, another one comes along.

Let's hope December treats me better than November did.


Guess it helps that it's the Christmas season. The atmosphere is generally happy. It also makes me feel like shopping whenever I hear the carols. Hahaha. #excuses only.

Now, excuse me while I continue my battle with hell week.

Flying off for work on Friday and I have a million things to check off my to-do-list.

On the bright side, possibly my last trip till March next year. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Although I know @jongsy really wants to go in Jan as well. 😞


I've blogged about a recent volunteering event which I went for, organised by Singapore Kindness Movement and Project Awareness!

I have been wanting to volunteer but it is not easy to find the right outlet to do it. So happy that I got to be part of this event! If you have no time to go down to participate in the activities, you can now do it on IG (which many of you are active on) and spread some kindness too. ☺️ More information on the blog!

πŸ‘‰ http://www.joycesayshello.com

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