Feeling happy on a work trip for the first time ever. Hahaha.

It's amazing how accomodation makes such a big difference. Picked a better hotel this time round as we had a pretty bad experience last month with the hotel which we always stay at. They gave us a super old, dirty and pre-renovation room. And when I tried to swap for another, they said it was the last room. 😑

To make things worse, we were woken up early in the morning by a series of knocking and drilling.

Ok la, to give them credit, we were always perfectly fine staying there.

The rooms were clean and nicely renovated (at least), room service not too bad and the location was accessible.

But our previous experience really put us off booking it again.

So I was really determined to get us another hotel this time round.

Before you start to think that we're spoilt…. Here are some pictures I took of the previous horrible room we had to stay in for the entire duration of our trip.

Doesn't this just look like some $30 per night cheap motel room?? 4 star hotel, mind you.

To make things worse, the entire room reeked of cigarette smoke. 😑😑😑

Once I stepped into this room, immediately I felt like booking another hotel and forgo whatever we already paid for this digusting looking room.

If I were on holiday, this is definitely NOT acceptable. The same thing happened to me once in BKK and I immediately walked out and found another hotel to stay. Hahaha.

But you know, since it was a work trip…. We just sucked it up and stayed 2 miserable nights in this room.

The toilet was the worst, by the way. Damn haunted looking. Poor @jongsy and I had to sit on the toilet bowl and accompany each other shower. Hahaha.

Fast forward to one month later, this is where we're staying at now!

Just want to stay in bed forever and ever and ever.

You see the room? Already makes us feel x1000000 better even though we're on a work trip at a shitty place.


Photo taken immediately once we stepped in even though I looked so woebegone and bare faced after a long flight. Hehehe.

There's a tv screen in the toilet!

Bathtub….. 😍😍😍

The previous hotel also had a bath tub… But with black stains and don't-know-whose-hair inside.

This morning, we caught Captain Phillips on HBO (yay to awesome movie channels)…

And had breakfast in bed!

Legit eggs benny and bagel egg cheese ham sandwich!!

Tastes even better than many of those in cafes back in SG. 😁

Polished everything off because too yummy.

Staying at such an awesome place puts us in happy frames of mind for work.

Never ever gonna scrimp on flights and hotel rooms for travel again! Makes all the difference, I'm telling you.

Today's outfit to battle the cold.

My poor winter coats usually only see light once or twice a year.

Ok la the weather here is not THAT cold. Stupid @jongsy saw me wear this and she was like…. "Got so cold meh?" πŸ˜’

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