One more day.

Slacking away on our second last day of the work trip because we were so efficient that we finished all the samples and placing of orders by last night.


So much for worrying that we would be in a mad rush and thus @jongsy booked an additional day compared to the duration we always stay. Apparently the flight schedules were bad this time round. Either short of one day or one day extra.

Turns out we could cope with doing one day short this trip. But we're stuck here till tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Anyway, since we have a free day, we're going to fully utilise the hotel facilities!

Like… The super awesome indoor pool.

So here's our plan for the day:

– Cab to the nearest mall to have lunch

– Shop for swimsuits

– Grab Christmas Starbucks drinks

– Cab back to hotel

– Swim!!!!

– Explore other parts of the hotel

– Decide if we should order room service or cup noodles for dinner

– Soak in bathtub!!

– Slack and watch shows on the awesome hotel bed before we check out tomorrow

Got our sweet tooth fixed at Honeymoon Dessert ๆปก่ฎฐ็”œๅ“! ๐Ÿ˜‹

Finally something which tastes better here than in Singapore.

Tried this mango with sticky black glutinous rice and it is SO GOOD. It looks extremely normal and not impressive, but surprisingly both @jongsy and I really like it! Not sure if they have it on Sg's menu but I'm hoping that they do! Got a feeling I'll be craving for this even when I go back. Hehe.

Just showered after our one hour swim!!

Sitting in our room feasting on Nissin Chilli Crab cup noodles while watching Superman Returns on HBO.

This is the life~~

Heading down to the factory later after dinner to check out the manufacturing!! Will update laterz if I can!

Paid a visit to the new factory which we've started working with recently.

All the workers there only knock off at 10.30pm every night, so they were all hard at work when we got there.

Observed them work the sewing machines for a while before we went to the sample room to try on the new samples which just got done today!

It's such a skilled job that the boss told us it's not easy hiring people nowadays.

I used to think that it would be old aunties working at the factories. But most of the workers there are actually in their 20s/30s.. And there are surprisingly more men than women there.

Pieces which just got off the sewing machines!

There are so many processes in manufacturing a piece of apparel which I did not know about before visiting the factories.

So amazing how so much work goes into the final products which might look simple.

Pretty floral dresses which we prepared for CNY. ๐Ÿ˜

We actually sat there for a bit and watch them fix the buttons on and cut off the loose threads.

So much manual work to be done.

These guys were singing along to Mandopop as they worked. Hahah. Talk about self entertaining. ๐Ÿ˜‚

We stayed for about an hour before our supplier's husband sent us back to the hotel safe and sound.


My mum is always worried about our safety ever since we started travelling to China for work.

But it is really safe for us here. The people that we have met and dealt with here so far are nice and honest. I think most Singaporeans have this preconceived notion that a lot of people in China are not trustworthy and all. Before I started travelling over for work, I was also worried about getting scammed and cheated.

But my fears are mostly quelled by now.

I mean, I cannot be sure that everyone I meet here are honest people. Even in Singapore, you cannot be assured of that.

But suppliers and factory owners that I'm working with are largely nice, simple and hardworking people who just wants to make a living as best as they can.

We are always ferried to and fro from the airport when we're here. My supplier will always accompany us for meals, bring us to the fabric market and always make sure to send us back to the hotel by end of the day.

She even reminded us to bring clothings which are suitable for the weather this time round.

I cannot speak for everybody here but I guess we're just really blessed to have met with nice people to work with. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Ending my day with good thoughts! Back to Singapore tomorrow and I can't wait already even though it has been a good trip. Goodnight!

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