You hear it here first!

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE 20K! We are ever, ever grateful for the love and support that we have always been receiving. 😘

Have fun shopping while the 20% lasts!

And here's marching towards 30K! I promise we'll do a grander celebration when we get there.

Andddd we're now giving away a HP Pavilion x2 tablet on TTR's Instagram @thetinselrack!!

Gonna have more giveaways coming up this month because it's Christmas! Yayyyyy! 🎅🎄

This week we're launching another of my recent favourite – outerwear!

Took this set of outfit photos on my work trip.. Weather was around 15 deg celsius and I wore this with a hi neck knit top, jeans and boots!👌

Grabbed a cup of Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte and thought the cup makes a cute photo prop. Heh.

Really love the idea of layering but too bad we don't have winter here in Singapore.


If you're not heading anywhere cold… This trench coat works well in Singapore weather too!

Same material as the Hyde Parka!

Feeling accomplished today because we completed our Christmas setup photoshoot on top of the usual weekly shoot!!

The photos are super cute and festive looking… Can't wait to share! As always, shooting is a breeze and joy with DX and Val around. 😊

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