Saw this super adorable sad looking golden retriever at Emerald Hill yesterday!

He started wagging his tail when I went nearer. So attention seeking. Hahaha.

I think he was hungry though. He ran over to some strangers who had food with them and sat in front of them looking really pitiful.

Outfit about town yesterday!

My mum saw me wear this and she said I look like a kid. Hahaha. Which is not a bad thing if you're already not a kid. Means look young la! 😁

I'm really loving the collared look nowadays. Heh.

And this dress is surprisingly really flattering! Never thought we would manufacture a dress with a drop waist but my factory did a good job of the cutting with this one and it convinced me. πŸ˜…

Pair it with a pair of laced up brogues or loafers and you're all set!

This is why I love dresses recently. No need to waste brain cells thinking of what to match. 😬

Ohhhhh and we'll be launching a series of cute Christmas accessories from Sensibar this coming midweek! Hehe.

You don't want to miss this if you're still on the lookout for gifts for your favourite girls!

We're also finally launching paper products from The Paper Bunny because Yoko managed to drop me the photos we took some time back. Also perfect for gifting! Yay!

Picture stolen from Sensibar. Snowflake necklaces!


So cute I'm tempted to keep one for myself! But awesome Jazreel says she's giving one to me as part of my Christmas present! Hehe. Why are my friends so awesomeeee. ☺️

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