Super cute snowman paper cup from Costa!!


It's so adorable that I was actually unwilling to throw the cup away after finishing my Salted Caramel Latte. Hehe.

Will visit soon because I think the Rudolph cup is cute too!

Wore my Team Rudolph sweater out today because…. I have exactly 9 more days before I look crazy wearing it out. Hahahah.

Need to get more wears out of it!!

Oh ya just saw @yvonneyeap's post about yesterday's spin class…. Hahahah.

My first spin class and I thought I sure cannot make it!! But thanks to @yvonneyeap who collapsed immediately after she got off the bike, it made me feel like I'm damn fit when I have not done hardcore exercise for ages. Erps later this @yvonneyeap come and box me again so I better shut up. Hahah. Btw I heard that she was 40 mins late for work today because she couldn't get out of bed. 😂😂

So fun leh omg let's go again soon!! @nakedglory @yvonneyeap

Launching a super chio collection tomorrow featuring the resident brands and a new line of lifestyle products. Hehehe.

The photos look sooooo good all thanks to Yoko. Shall stop mentioning her in case her phone dies (again) with all the notifications.

Let me show you some previews!!

By the way… We're heading to BKK tomorrow night so the TTR office will be closed till Monday. If you need the items for Christmas, OPT FOR COURIER!

My personal favourites from tomorrow's timepiece collection. 😍😍😍

Told Yoko to bring in some Casio pieces because I feel that most of the designs are super classic and matches really well with TTR apparels! She apparently moves at the speed of a ninja cos I just mentioned it casually to her 3 days back and she's launching them tomorrow. 😨

I have a personal stash of casio watches all sponsored by Nakedglory and I mega LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Heh.

And this Sensibar also super spoil market….. Bring in items that are so perfect for Christmas! Plus… The packaging and all. 😍

I'm sure every single one of your friends will love you for this. Never too late to start doing your Christmas shopping!! Or do extra shopping. Hahaha.

We're doing a giveaway for these on TTR and you can go see for yourselves how many people want this for Christmas. I'm glad she saved a piece for me! Good friend indeed. Heh.

Cute mismatched reindeer and snowflake necklace.

Some random thoughts.. It's such a blessing and joy to work with like-minded people like Yoko, Lydia and Jazreel who put so much pride and effort into churning out creative ideas and nice packaging and visuals. They make me want to work harder on achieving the same for TTR too. ☺️

It makes me feel sad and indignant for them that some (too many) people just shamelessly rip off their ideas or bring in whatever they bring in too.

But I guess customers are smart enough to see for themselves.. And at least they've got integrity and brains to come up with something better and bigger each time the copycats strike.


We'll work hard together, friends!!

I'm getting carried away here, haha. Here's showing you some gorgeous paper products which will also be launched tomorrow!

Picture reposted from @willamazing.

Postcards perfect for doing flatlays.

And of course, to send as postcards. Hahaha.


I actually sneakily kept a set of each. Hahaha. I'm sure I'll find a use for them some day other than using them in #flatlays or #onthetable shots. Maybe…. When my friends go overseas. Or something. 😬

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