2.43am and we just landed in The Land of Smiles!! On our way to the hotel now. Can't wait for our adventures to start!

Even though I practically come to BKK twice a year…. Every trip is still awesome. Heh.

Goodnight for now!

Why are hotel beds so awesome? Just want to sink into them forever and ever.

We're staying at First House Hotel this time round and despite it only having 3 stars on Agoda, it exceeded my expectations in many ways.

We booked this hotel only because it was the only hotel which allows 4 in a room. Haha. Was totally nervous about how the room would turn out but we were pleasantly surprised when we stepped in.

A king sized bed with a single bed and an extra bed makes 4 happy girls! Hehe.

The room is also really spacious, to our surprise. We really were not expecting anything much. Lol. I had made mental preparations to check into another hotel if this one turned out bad, actually. 😂

Jess and Audrey obsessed with their phones. Hahaha.

The hotel is really near to the SaabX2 wanton mee (like 1 min walk) so we wanted to have that for brunch. But the queue was horrendously long with more than half of the people in the queue being Singaporeans….. Sigh. Why Singaporeans like to queue so much ah?

So we headed for A&W instead! Had the awesome chicken burger that Audrey recommended. Anyway, A&W can never go wrong with root beer float and curly fries! 😁

Awesome coconut juice we got from a roadside stall for just 35 baht! ✌️

Happy @jongsy because the coconut juice is sweet!

I got a gorgeous felt hat in forest green for 150 baht from this random stall!!

Totally would have cost me more than 10 times if I bought it in Topshop.

Me in my new hat!

Andddddd with my shopping loots after roaming around the first level of Platinum Mall.

I was pretty sure my exact words before I entered the mall were, "I think I won't buy any clothes la.. You girls walk in front!"

5 seconds in the mall and I had to swallow my words. 😂😂

As you can see from the shopping bags, my self control is really……. Low. Hahaha.

After half a day of shopping, I ended up with 4 tops, 2 sunglasses, 1 shopping tote, 1 fringe bag and a hat.

Ok la now that I list them out… Doesn't sound like a lot! 😬

Grabbed our favourite 12 baht ice cream cone before we end our shopping for the day! 🍦

Posting this photo because…. See my cute watermelon shopping tote at the right corner! 🍉🍉🍉

Heh just so happened that Jolene and Jess wore similar outfits while me and Aud are in checks! 👭👭

Went to eat Mookata at my favourite place!!

I already lost track of how many times I blogged/Dayre-d about this place.

It's called BAR B Q PLAZA at level 6 of Central World. Super long queue when we got there so be prepared to wait if you want to eat this! Damn worth the wait though.

We ordered so much and it was only less than SGD10 per person!! Please order the pork belly!!!


The pork spring rolls are also 👍👍👍

Our mookata turned into a healthy veggie hotpot towards the end because @jongsy and Aud damn healthy. Hahahaha. 😂

Super pretty Christmas lighting outside Platinum Mall!

Posted this on my Instagram but I cropped away the guy walking towards me. Heh.

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