BKK Day 2

Just got a neck/shoulder/back massage done and it was soooooo awesome. 😌

Aud recommended us this massage place along petchaburi soi 15 called Number One Massage and apparently it is really famous.

You can't miss it.. The staff all wear pink uniform and the signboard is made of neon pink lights.

It was so crowded and we had to wait for 10 minutes before it was our turn. 250 baht for 60 mins massage! Only in BKK. 😁

Only thing was, we went for the massage with full tummies. 😨 Felt like my tummy was about to explode when the masseuse stepped on my back. LOL.

Other than that, I loved the massage. Feel so relaxed all over now. Tension in my back and shoulders all gone.

This Aud damn spoil market please, she tipped her masseuse 200 baht. 😰 Hahahahah. Guess she really enjoyed the massage! Lol.

Forgot to post our after dinner dessert just now!

We went to After You @ Central World even though all 3 of them were filled to the brim after mookata. Hehe. But I convinced them to share the Shibuya Honey Toast with me!!

No queue so I prefer this outlet over Siam Paragon's. Haha. Tasted the same anyway!

Cute reindeer deco!

Wanna try this too but we were too full. 😩

Yummy toast!

Had to have this even though we were sooooo full from mookata! Die also wanna eat. Hahaha. This is why I always suffer from indigestion when I go overseas. Too greedy. 😫

One more!!

Sorry if you're reading this now. Food pictures are evil at night. Hehehe.

Ok off to edit some photos for Sunday's launch and do our research for cafe hopping tomorrow!! 😁

Finally got to eat our SabX2 wanton mee today even though there was a queue! Anyway, the queue moved pretty fast and we were seated in no time. Hehe.

Pork trotter rice which was so good. Stole a few bites because I ordered the wanton mee. Hahah.

Wanton mee which looked so ordinary but tasted so gooddddd. 😋

Everything came to less than SGD10! Happy!

Updating my Dayre now because we're stuck in a super, super bad jam.

Here's me and my fellow double eyebags! 🐼

Today is cafe hopping day and we went to 2 cafes and a themed bar.

The workaholics who have been working on emails even though they are on holiday.

I kept threatening to change the password on my laptop just to stop them from obsessing over the email count. 😒

First stop was Roast Coffee and Eatery!

I've been to this cafe during my previous trip but since the three of them have not been here before… We went there! Plus, the food is really good so I didn't mind a second visit.

Eggs Florentine!

I prefer the Eggs Benedict though.

Raspberry Tiramisu which exceeded my expectations!

We mostly ordered to share… Else we wouldn't be able to make it through all our stops!

Went in search of our second stop – One Ounce For Onion.

Thank god for Aud who worked the maps app like a pro. Heh. We found it without any hitches even though it was pretty secluded and well hidden.

Pretty exterior of the cafe!

Really really love the logo!

We've been in the cab for 31 minutes and we have only moved…. Less than 1km. Guess I can finish updating about my afternoon before I reach the hotel. Hahaha.

I bravely wore my parka out in broad daylight. Hahaha.

The weather in BKK now is actually quite cooling, to our surprise. Didn't overheat and die in my outfit today. Lol.

Parka will be launched this Sunday at 8pm!!

Super love this design and I kept it in 3 colours. #noshame #noguilt

There's a retail space within the cafe as well selling hipster stuff. Hahah. So expensive please. Their shirts are going for a mind boggling 16000 baht.

Like whattttttt.

Jess ordered a cup of tea and the tea bag came in a beaker. So cute!

Mocha which was to my liking. Not too bitter and the caffeine was not overpowering. 😁

Ordered the Eggs Element to share! OMG YUMMMYYYYYY.

So reluctant to leave this quaint cafe!

Omg and we've barely moved any bit in this horrible traffic. Cannot wait to drop our stuff at the hotel and head to the Rod Fai market later! 😁

In the cab for 1.5 hours and counting…..

The only good thing is, only SGD6 for cab fare now.

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