I completely had too much fun in Bangkok that I didn't continue posting on Day 3 and 4. Hahaha.

Sorry!! Will complete the posts by picking out the highlights and Dayre about those instead!


Added new banners to the TTR website to give it a more Christmas-y feel. Heheh. Go see the complete look on http://www.thetinselrack.com! Go go go now!

Loving the Christmas songs everywhere I go. Anyone else feels the same? So tempted to insert background music into the website BUT I think bad idea. Hahaha.

Favourite photo from our Christmas shoot the other day!

The photo looks so pretty but can you imagine all the confetti getting stuck on DX and Val's hair and all over their bodies? And it was such a bad nightmare because I had to vacumn the floor for a good 30 minutes before we could resume our normal confetti-free white background shoot. LOL.

The vacumn cleaner died after that, by the way. I take it to mean that they are not meant for sucking confetti.

Created a gif out of this because using just one shot would be a waste. Hahaha.

Again, confetti all over after we were done with this set. πŸ˜‚

For those who are asking about the collared knit tops as seen in these photos… LAUNCHING ON SUNDAY! πŸŽ‰

Material is super love. If you pass by any of our retail racks, go check them out! Same material as Ashton Pullover, by the way!

Received my snowflake necklace from my Sensibar ladyboss yesterday!

Thank youuuu for the Christmas gift Jaz! Heheh. Else I would have bought this off TTR's site myself. So cute and dainty!

Top marks for packaging, as always! I could not bear to take it out of the glass bottle. 😞

For those who are receiving this for Christmas, lucky you!

So gorgeous, please!


If you don't mind getting this for other occasions, backorders for it are opened till tonight! Don't say I never tell you ah.


My babies are ready for Christmas too!

Check out the cute bowties they got from Scruffiez after their grooming. πŸŽ€πŸŽ€ Hen cute right??

Spam of photos coming your way!

Bunny kiss!

Ok last. Hahaha.

Aren't they just too cute???

I also did a mini shoot for them at home using the Typo mini Christmas tree I got. Post another day!!

This @nakedglory very bad. She sent me this screenshot of her feed and asked me not to be so obsessed with my pets. HAHAHAH.

I feel tempted to post more just to irritate her.

Here's a photo of my cutie who looks super cute with the bow tie too!

I can feel you rolling your eyes at this btw, @nakedglory. Hahahah.

My most Christmas-y outfit this year. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

By the way, the leather pleated skirt so many of you emailed me/dropped a comment about is finally ready to be launched this Sunday! ✌️

By the way…. Just so you don't get a shock when you receive the skirt. Do note that due to the leather material of the skirt and how it was packaged during the shipping, you will see many creases on the skirt when you take it out of the package.

Don't worry, just leave it hung for a few days to a week and it will magically straighten itself and look like how it is in my photos when worn. πŸ™‚

Andddd it's pullover weather today!

Didn't get to wear this out last week because I was in BKK..

Super love the material! 😍 I know I've said it earlier in this post but really….. Favourite pullover everrrr. It feels like a really soft blanket, damn comfortable!

Super light makeup without my trusty eyeliner 😭 because I woke up late and it was packing day anyway. Hurhur.

This is my favourite colour combination out of the three we have on site.. But I kept the white anyway because the material is too awesome. Am sure I will wear it someday!

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