Want to finish posting my outfits before it becomes 2015 on Dayre. Hahah.

We're at the second last outfit of the year!

So fast. 😨

Super cute plaid midi skirt to be launched in our first collection of 2015!

Love the preppy vibes this skirt exudes. 😎

A-Lister Collared Pullover paired with the Karl Leather Pleated Skirt.

As you can see, I'm trying to minimise the amount of words in this post because I want to finish posting this entry before the start of a new day at 12 o'clock. Hahah. And also because brain dead already.

Just had dinner and ice cream with the TTR girls and food coma is creeping up on me. 😌

Upcoming palazzo pants made with the same material we used for Kenzo Pleated Culottes! πŸŽ‰

The lace bralet is upcoming on TTR too!

Yawns. Really feel like sleeping omg. 😴

But I'm determined to finish this post so that I can blog about my 2014 reflections/2015 resolutions tomorrow!

A-Lister Collared Pullover with Pleaty Please Skirt.

Upcoming checks shirt paired with the Karl Leather Pleated Skirt!

Eh I realise that updating Dayre also needs quite a bit of attention… On the car back home now and this @jongsy is chatting away with @eepheng who always leeches on our car rides. Hahaha. 是 distracting ηš„ε’―.


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