Reflections 2014, Resolutions 2015.

Lamenting about how fast the year has passed us by definitely has to be a sign of aging.

Ooooh and I just realised, we're at Day 365 on Dayre!! πŸ‘†

We're heading to town for brunch but the traffic is absolutely horrid. Everyone no need to work one ah?? πŸ˜’

TTR office usually closes on the eve of PH. Hahaha. Holiday mood already so might as well don't go to work at all.


Ok let me get brunch done before getting started on my reflections and resolutions!

Tried Honey Comb with @jongsy and @bbernice after our brunch and I just had to use the phhhoto app which I learnt about recently from Auds to take a gif/video!! Hahahaha.


I'm finally getting started on the title and the main point of this entry. Has been a super event filled day and I have been rushing all over the place.

Heading out for count down soon but I guess it wouldn't be long for me to do a quick post to end the year!

Looking back at 2014, I'm really glad that it has been generally kind to me.

Work went well and travels were safe and I could not be more thankful for that. Milestones include shifting to a new office and a new look for the website! Of course we had slight bumps along the way, but the wonderful people we have with us on the team always makes the problems insignificant. Blessed with a great team and hopefully we will remain this way for the coming year as well! ☺️

On hindsight, there were definitely more that we could have achieved in 2014… But we'll leave those to be worked on in the coming year. Haha.

A huge thank you to all our customers who have been supporting us since the start of our journey till now. So grateful to all you babes for your continuous stream of encouragements and kind words every now and then, and for your patience with me and the team in dealing with hiccups when they arise. ☺️ Thank you for the love.

We promise to give you bigger and better in the coming year! ✌️

I had to adjust my phone's time and date back to 2014 just so I can continue writing this post.

Got too distracted yesterday because we arrived at our destination before I could complete my thoughts. Hahah.


Here's a better gif/video taken at yesterday's count down compared to the Honeycomb one. Hahaha. πŸ˜‚

On a personal front, my 2014 did not go so well. There were moments where I felt slightly lost and when relationships in my life took a hit because of that. Maybe because of quarter life crisis, haha.

It's still an ongoing process to sort myself out but I believe that it is only going to get better as the new year comes around.

Very thankful to the angels around me who never fail to offer me listening ears and dish out words of advice when needed.

I guess I am blessed in this way.

I like new years because in a way, they allow everything to renew and offer a chance to restart and refresh.

And also because they hold a lot of hope.

Never mind that most of us can never ever achieve our New Year resolutions. At least you can be hopeful and try to work towards them right at the start even though they may dwindle off as the year progresses. Hahaha.

I don't even remember the resolutions I made last year, but nevertheless, I am still going to make them for 2015! ✌️

To be more driven and self motivated at work. And also to motivate others!

Better lifestyle habits – exercise more, drink more water and retire to bed earlier than 4am.

Just signed up for gym membership yesterday in order to fulfill this resolution. This @nakedglory better drag me to the gym more often to make the money I paid worth it ok. πŸ˜’

Things to stop doing – overthinking, saying 'yes' and 'ok' all the time, being negative in situations that I cannot help.


Friends who always encourage me to shop – I'm staying away from you all this year! Hahahahaha.

Read more.

Ok la just 5 for now!!

Any more and I think it would be overly ambitious. Hahaha.

Time to readjust my time back to 2015! May this year hold all things good for us. ☺️


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