Time for me to play catch up for this week's outfits!

Klein Palazzo Pants definitely has became a staple in my wardrobe. Gotta love how it effortlessly ups the chic factor in my ensemble and makes me look as if I'm 1.7m even though I'm really 1.61m. πŸ˜‚

Insisted on using the material which we used for the Kenzo Pleated Culottes. Best pants material everrrrr. 😁

If you already own the Fame Game Palazzo Pants and are wondering what are the differences if any…

For one, the material is thicker and slightly more structured. Me likey. The length has also been increased because I personally feel that the length for the previous pair is slightly too short.

The pleats are also different, if you want to be really precise.

I think you can see how the pleats fall in this photo! πŸ™‚

Been wanting to wear out the grey but I think I have been wearing it too often, hahah. Maybe next week!!

Actually already wore the Brave Heart Midi Skirt during my work trip last month!

My supplier brought the samples along to show us and I was like "omgggggg I want to wear now." And so I did. 😁

Back in Singapore, this is how I styled the skirt! 😊

Actually looks almost the same, I just realised! Hahaha.

Made the factory explore a different stitching method at the hem of this skirt.

The stitchings are invisible from the outside and solely done from the inside. Takes more time and effort and is more costly than the normal way of stitching, but I feel that it looks a lot neater and feels more expensive! Hahaha. πŸ˜‚

Clint Basic Pocket Tee.

Admittedly, I only have one photo of this tee even though I have worn most of the colours out already! This is one top which I can wear over and over again on weekends without having the guilt of repeating my outfits or being too boring in my outfit selection because the comfort outweighs EVERYTHING.

My favourite basic!!

Oh found some other pictures!

Wore it in BKK with the Bravery Tie Front Midi too! White again even though I kept all colours. Haha.

Will take more photos next time when I wear the other colours!

Which I am bound to. Just that I might not be in condition for photos because wearing comfy outfits makes you want to go makeup-less and wear flip flops. Hahaha.

My choice of outfit this weekend. ☺️

Ok off to get some reading done before I go for a jog!!

Go check out our mailers! Some of you feedback that you want more pictures of the launch items in the mailer, your requests are heard! ☺️

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