Rainy day.


Struggling to get through work today because I am sooooo sleepy. 😪

Never underestimate the power of cough syrup.

Thanks to the rain though, I finally got to wear my Hyde Parka in Khaki! 😂

I was devasted when we had to call off the backorder for this parka in Hunter Green due to shortage of fabric. Good news for those who own a piece of this in Hunter Green, it is now a limited ed piece. HAHAHA. Can go sell on the black market already.

Slots for khaki's backorder were running low so we recently added more. Think it's going to run out again soon. If you're still hesitating, WHY? 😬

On a side note, I finally found my "missing" pair of C&K shoes!

Tucked in the dark depths of my car boot along with a few other pairs of shoes which have not seen daylight for the longest time. Hahaha. This must be a sign, @jongsy.

That we need to do a 大扫除 for our car soon. Hehehe. Maybe nearer to CNY la.

The girls in the office just did a stock take to double check the inventory for the items we're putting up for sale tomorrow… Over 250 items!


Feeling so lethargic and sleepy right now after I took my second dosage of cough syrup but I'm looking forward to my hot yoga and spin classes on Thursday!

Hopefully I can make a full recovery by then. 💪

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