Top 20 from 2014!

Decided to pick some of my favourite outfits from 2014 and put together this post! ✌️

To be honest, I was not entirely selective when I first started picking so I ended up with 30+ outfits. If you think about it, it's actually not so bad since I posted over 150 outfits last year. Hahaha.

But decided to cut down so that I don't have to spam so many. 😂

And sooooo, the final count that made the cut is……. 20!

Drum rolls please!!

P.S. This list is not in order of preference and not based on how well they sold on the TTR website. Just my personal preference!

Alita Flare Tube Top and Marni Skorts.

Toby Relaxed Shirt and Lauren Pelmet Skirt.

Omg totally forgot that my hair used to be this short.

Get Lucky Midi Skirt.

Kidston Button Down Shirt and Marni Skorts in Marble.

Antigona Pullover and Petal Flare Shorts.

Tough Girl Mesh Bralet with the i-forgot-its-name pants. 😨

True Love Lace Top and Willow Midi Skirt, my birthday outfit this year! 🎂

Antigona Pullover in Marble and Karl Pleated Leather Skirt.

Tough Girl Mesh Bralet and Petal Flare Shorts.

Kidston Button Down Shirt. Again.

Leigh Maxi Skirt.

We opened backorders for this colour and will be bringing in a new colour too!! 😁

Kidston Button Down Shirt (AGAIN) hahahaha and Kenzo Pleated Culottes.

Oh @jongsy ask me to tell you all that the extras for Kidston will be released next week. 😁

I realised I wore the Kenzo Pleated Culottes super often also. But usually weekends, so no ootds!

Game Set Match Tee and Bravery Tie Front Midi (the old lousy version which will shrink 3 inches and reveal the inner lining 😂).

Lotte Eyelet Bralet and Petal Flare Shorts for the 3rd time. Lol.

Another perennial favourite basic of mine – Sunday Basic Tee.

Sunday Basic Tee but in Grey.

Another message from @jongsy: EXTRAS FROM BO FOR THIS ARE UP ON WEBSITE!

Hyde Parka in Hunter Green and Anthesis Stripes Top.

Tres Chic Cutout Maxi. Loveeeee this. Love anything with cut outs at the waist!

Bravery Tie Front Midi and Chantel Tube Top.

My Christmas outfit – Team Rudolph with Karl Pleated Leather Skirt. 🎅🎄

And that concludes my top 20 list for 2014. 👏

Had fun looking through my ootds for the year and realising the slight shift in style. As the year progresses, I find myself veering towards pieces like shirts, basic tees and culottes. Maybe this is a sign that I'm getting lazier to dress up. Hahaha.

Being able to dress up in different apparels and experimenting with different styles are also reasons why my job never gets old.

There are always pretty clothes to look forward to, and being able to share them with you girls and seeing lovely faces wear them truly still warms my heart and brings a sense of pride even after 5 years in the business. 😊

Here's to 2015 and more awesome ootds ahead!


Had to sort out a hitch in the system just now because it only published half of our sale inventory at 8pm…. So if you were camping at the website for the first 10 minutes, you might want to give it another go now!!

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