Ralph Boyfriend Shirt.

Can you tell that it's my current favourite shirt yet? Heheh. 😁

I thought that some of you might have questions about the Blanc Swing Dress's measurements because they seem bigger than usual…

I usually wear size S for all TTR tops, be it loose fit tops/bralets/tank tops/any other kind of tops. For this dress, I took my usual size S even though my ptp fits XS just as well. I think it boils down to personal preference, actually!

I like my loose fitting tops/dresses to be as they are – loose fitting.

So I didn't size down for this dress.

Do leave some allowance when you are gauging from the measurements given… I really think this dress would not look as nice and feel as comfortable if your ptp just nice can fit.

Hope this helps if you're struggling to pick a sizing! 😉

Ralph Boyfriend Shirt in Green Checks.


Until some people pointed it out on IG. Hahahahaha. I look so funny omg. Had a good laugh over it. 😂

Putting my TTR tote bag to good use. 😁

So much love for the fit of this shirt!


Again, relaxed fit so I would advise you to stick to your usual sizing!

And also!!!

How cute is this Casio watch! Spot the ❤️!

I think we have one of this at home too, from Nakedglory. Going to dig it out and wear it soon! 🙆

Twinkle twinkle little star ~~

Hokay am off to edit the last bit of pictures for tomorrow's launch! Arms are aching like nobody's business from spin class just now. Wish me good luck when I wake up tomorrow!


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