Had to cancel my yoga class tonight because my arms can barely even hold my phone for more than 20 seconds to type something.

But achy is good. Achy means I had a really good work out yesterday!


Went all over Singapore today for shitty errands but the one good thing is, we chanced upon this super chio set of bed sheet/pillow case/quilt cover and bought it as soon as we stepped into the store. Hahaha. Cannot resist stripes even for bedsheets! 😍

This @jongsy says it's cheap thrill but I told her to leave out "cheap" because this set costs about $130+. Definitely not cheap. But ok la 600 thread count and the material feels comfy!

Woohoo new bedsheets for CNY! Yay!

Not ashamed about the number of colours I kept for this dress. ✌️

Random cotton candy @jongsy bought for me which matches perfectly with the periwinkle of my dress. Heheh.

Love cotton candy! Happy food. 😁

Found my Casio Amour!

Love staring at the cute second hand tick away. 😍

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