Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall


Skip post if you just had lunch. Or the ones who would feel like fainting upon seeing blood/gory images.

Went for a run yesterday and somehow, as I was nearing the end of my run….. I went flying and found myself sprawled across the pavement.

Didn't think that it was serious because my first reaction was to feel embarassed that I fell. I have not had a fall since like…. Forever?!

Only realised it was a bad fall until I saw all the blood. Thank goodness @jongsy was with me to lessen the embarassment and also to let me lean on all the way home. 😔

The state of my kneecaps are so sad now that I can barely look at them.

So ugly.

And not to mention, I feel like clawing someone's eyeballs out whenever water or anything touches the wounds. It feels like my kneecaps are on fire ALL the time and I can hardly walk properly. Can only waddle like penguin. Hahaha.

This good friend @nakedglory asked if I fell because got cute guy to bio and I got distracted. Then she decided that I am more like someone who would get distracted by a cute dog rather than a cute guy. 😒

But FYI, it is neither. I guess I was just careless.

Booooo. No running/exercising for me for at least a week.

How my kneecaps look like right now.


Ugly like shit. Can faster heal pleaseeeeeee. Sigh.

Ok enough of torturing your eyes with my ugly and bloody looking legs. Haha. Have a good Sunday y'all!

My typical Sunday outfit of shirt and shorts. Wearing the Ralph Boyfriend Shirt in Light Stripes. Hehehe. Kept both Dark and Light just because I couldn't make up my mind as to which is nicer, even though they are kind of same same but different.

I can never have enough of shirts anyway. I wear them on a weekly basis. 😳

My injuries were surprisingly not that glaringly obvious in photos. Which is one good thing which came out of the fall, I guess.

And this!

I kept the blue colour for CNY. Hehehe. 😁

Maxi dresses are a good idea to hide my knees, come to think of it. Good for me because we have quite a few maxi dresses coming up!

Favourite part of the dress has to be the back design! 😍

And now, my favourite favourite favourite item of the launch tonight!

Off shoulder designs are always a soft spot of mine.

We also took quite a while to hunt down this specific set of print and fabric….. So I really love this! 😊

I don't think you can see it so clearly from this photo.. But it isn't just solid stripes!

Ok wait lemme go take a close up photo for you.


Maybe you don't get why I'm so excited about this stripes print.. But when you have to sift through hundreds of different stripes and you find something as unique as this…


Sent her off for play day at cafe with Jess!

She really hates taking photos so I'm happy whenever I get cute shots of her. Hehe.

Most of the time… Her face is like this. 😑

My cutie 宝! 🐶

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