Words to kick start a brand new week.

We're finally going to be launching this dress which I previewed on my Dayre some time back!


Definitely one of my favourite dresses for this season. You can tell so from the fact that we actually made this dress in a total of 5 colours. Hehe. 😳

Favourite part of this dress goes to the neckline and the back design!

I wore a normal strapless bra for this dress.. No stick on bra needed! This dress comes with a low back option too. Straps are adjustable so you can choose how low you want the back to go!

If you don't mind the hassle of wearing stick ons, I think the dress looks really good when worn low back too.

I don't usually pick pastels but I guess there are exceptions to every rule. Ended up keeping this pretty shade of Lilac along with Black and Emerald. Hahah.

Dress also comes in Sakura Pink and Mint Green! ✌️

Bath time is my most hatred time of the day now.

Feels like my kneecaps are being set on fire. Save meeeeee.

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