Sleep is like a cat. It only comes to you when you ignore it.

Zombie-ing in the middle of the day because I only managed to zonk off at 6.30am in the morning.

Can't wait to get today's photoshoot over and done with. Insomnia woes. 😟

Anyway, yesterday's outfit!

Seemingly simple flare dress with a super unique back design which I really really love.

We don't really have bare back designs or even any designs which require a stick on bra because I am lazy and I don't like stick on bras. Hahaha. But this, is an exception.

See what I mean by exception?


For this, I am willing to put up with wearing a stick on bra.

Anyway, the back straps are not sewn together so you can adjust them accordingly to your body shape so that it fits your body well.

Finally made it to dinner at Kilo at Pact with Lyds and @nakedglory. Food's good and the tables are chio. Hahah. Marble tables! 😍

The eggplant dish which Yoko swears by.

Worth a visit because I pretty much liked the dishes we ordered. Try the mentaiko spaghetti if you're a fan of mentaiko!

Just be sure that you check out their slightly fussy opening timings before you head down.

I was early for once yesterday, arrived at 5 but was told they only open at 5.30. And both my lovely friends were coincidentally nowhere to be found too. 😒 Hahah. Had to grab a drink elsewhere while waiting.

Finally! This maxi dress I wore since November. Haha. Now you girls don't have to scroll back to my photo on IG and ask when will it be launched anymore. 😌

We're launching it tonight at 8pm!


How can you pass up a print as pretty as this?

Hokays off to do my maid duties now – steam ironing clothes before photoshoot.

Pray that I would not steam my fingers along with the clothes in my current sleepy state. 😴

Just happened to visit this local online store which also launched tonight and guess what I saw?

A super familiar similar concept gif staring right back at me…… Totally reminding me of the gif I did for Christmas 2014.

Some people really need to grow some brains and creativity of their own. Referencing is one thing….. But this is blatant, outright copying. And it makes me speechless and too angry for words.

A still from the gif I posted on the TTR website during Christmas period.

And I am usually not one to voice out even if there are similarities when it comes to photoshoots, concepts etc. Because sometimes maybe really is coincidental?

But this time round…… ✋

Too obvious. 😒

And also a really really funny coincidence that they picked the SAME hotel which I did my CNY shoot at last year, only one year later. Why not try it next year? Maybe by then I would have forgotten already?

Ok I'm done letting off steam.

Copycats go to hell.

Sent that shop's gif to both DX and Val and they were super indignant about the blatantness of it too.

Val said she will juggle oranges for me the next gif. Hahahahaha.

Well, if they also want to copy juggling oranges, that would be wayyyy too obvious. Hahaha. 😂

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