Current state of mind.

Late but here's yesterday's outfit!

Athena Tie Back Top.

We're definitely not forgetting about our usual basic pieces now that it's CNY. ☺️

Also kept a lot of items from Foundry and Co from last night's launch! All the minimalist pieces so loveeeee.

Wearing the Tessara Bracelet here! 🙆



It's Audrey's 21st birthday today and we came to office before she arrived to surprise her!

Got scolded by @jongsy because I dayre-d too early, and might thus spoil the surprise because Audrey would get suspicious that I'm up and about early in the morning. 😳

Baked a cake for her last night together with @jongsy and it almost failed because I have not been baking for the longest time. Something went wrong somewhere and the centre was still wet when the sides and top were already done.

Googled and solved the problem by placing a layer of foil over the cake and continue baking for a bit longer!

Piped the words on with royal icing and it spells her name because there was not enough room for "Happy Birthday Audrey" hahaha.

Not bad la right…… Hahaha.

Not the most typical looking cake around but at least erm it's quite unique. LOL. 😂

Comes with pecan coconut icing inside and it's one of my favourite cakes from my recipe book!


The plan was to get everyone in the office before Aud reaches. So we got Clara to lie and say that she forgot to bring her key, so that Aud will whatsapp her just as she was about to arrive. So that we know when to light the candle. Hahaha.

End up….. We had to hide in the toilet because….. Long story.

Surprise was a success! Yay! 🎉

For those of you who have been shopping regularly, you would have probably exchanged a few emails with Aud before.

She's ultra responsible (who replies emails till 2am on their 21st birthday??!) and dedicated when it comes to work. I know that I can always rely on her when it comes to anything.

Took a long while for her to warm up to us when she first started working, but I'm glad that I have her in my life now as both an awesome friend as well as staff.



Here's your favourite Olaf. ⛄️

Give it a warm hug!

Hahahahaha. 😈😏


Had dinner at Supply and Demand with my girls.

Food was pretty good and we finally managed to try this place this time round because I made reservations!

Clara posing with "Audrey". Hahahahahaha.

#insidejoke #innercircle 🙆

Love the sweet potato fries!

Cannot stop eating.

Calamari which was another favourite of ours.

Happy day today even though it's not my birthday!

Always happy to have a reason to gather with my girls. ☺️ This group is definitely one of the best parts of TTR for me.

And before the day officially ends on Dayre, pictures of my OOTD!

If you don't already know and cannot tell, I'm wearing the Blanc Swing….. Top. 😁😁😁

Always a space in my heart (and wardrobe) for such basic and versatile tops.

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