You know how some dresses look so simple at first glance, and you would have never thought that they would end up fitting you so perfectly when you eventually decide to give it a chance and try it on?

This is definitely one of those dresses for me.

Picked a luxe and slightly textured material for this dress.

I would think this is one of those designs which can easily suit different occasions. ☺️

Would definitely save a permanent space in my wardrobe for this dress!

Now I'm deciding between black and red. Hmm.

My second Blanc Swing Top of the week. 😳

Heading to a good friend's hen's nighy now and the plan is the dress up for dinner later on.

I decided to dress down while making my way there because I'm carrying 3 bags (and looking like I'm on the run), and dressy would just look weird on me right now.

I brought along a mini gold pleated skirt to change into for dinner.

And am super glad that the Blanc Swing Top is basic and versatile enough for me to do a day to night look!

Will take a photo of my night outfit later if possible! πŸ‘Œ

Have a good Sunday everyone! πŸ‘‹

Oh and by the way!!

We're giving away $50 virtual shopping ang baos on TTR's IG. Don't miss out!

We're announcing the winners at 7pm laterz!

The restaurant we're dining at has a wicked sense of humour.

This "Goodbye To Your Freedom" cake was a surprise from the kitchen crew.

Hahaha. Love it!

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