My mum is damn funny.

She came into our room just now with a cheeky look and told us "I was washing your clothes and I saw this plain white top with a zip behind. I like it leh. I hang in my own wardrobe already. Anyway you all always wear once only."

Me and @jongsy were like "😨😨😨 nooooo that's our favourite Blanc Swing Top!!!"

Cause she always complains that our wardrobe is a deep abyss and she can never find what she wants.


In the end still let her steal it because we can always keep another piece when the backorder comes. Hahah.

小偷. 😒

Favourite colour out of all for this new batch!

I find myself being very attracted to all shades of grey recently. And also lilac shades with hints of grey.

I don't really want to admit this, but it is really very difficult to decide which colour we're NOT going to keep.

So we are.


All 3.


Also secretly happy that this grey comes with undertones of lilac!


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